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Posted on 12 October 2009 by admin

Facebook Fan Pages are all the rage these days. Every company is doing their best to make a presence in the social web, and many are doing very well. This post is NOT about the big shots. We're focusing on smaller fan pages that are highly underrated.

It's impossible to see every fan page, but we feel comfortable without list. And if we missed a page that deserves to be in this list, we're sure you'll let us know about it in the comments. ;)



Fan Count: 420,145
About: Nothing in "About" box

Why you'll like it: TFLN is such an amazing website, and they've done their best to port it to Facebook. This is the weakest of the pages, but it does bring the humor that TFLN is known for, but for some reason, it just doesn't have the same kick as their regular site.

Taser Watchers


Fan Count: 127
About: For Those Who Like to Watch.....We Salute You!

Why you'll like it: It's updated almost daily, and they allow fans to post. Most of the content is videos....Taser videos! It's a great page for a quick laugh.

Bite-Size Facebook


Fan Count: 87
About: Tiny little Facebook tips - One bite at a time.

Why you'll like it: We know you already like Facebook, or you wouldn't be reading this. Even if you're a FB expert, this page might teach you something you didn't know. The posts are all very short, yet very informative.

MLS Trash Can


Fan Count: 49
About: Selling a home is tough these days, and most of the time, the pictures used on the MLS bring people to the listing. Problem is, a lot of people don't care what the pictures look like. This page is for sharing the best (worst) pics on the MLS.

Why you'll like it: You might not like this one, but I do. It's updated almost daily, and shows pictures of homes Realtors use to list their clients' properties. When you consider these photos are what's being presented to help sell a home, it sort of puts things in perspective. It's a niche page, but it's still pretty damn funny (and a little sad).



Fan Count: 3,671
About: Write your best FmyLife stories on our wall and get ready to laugh hahahaha

Why you'll like it: Misery loves company. The page is full of people telling their "Fuck My Life" stories. For some reason, I always feel a little better after visiting the page.

Lake Nona Pools


Fan Count: 373
About: Weekly Pool Cleaning, Service, and Repair. Servicing the Lake Nona area, and almost everywhere else in Central Florida.

Why you'll like it: Another niche site, but this company is very interactive with their clients. They allow wall posts by fans, and provide a good mix of humor and instructional material on the wall in the form of videos, pictures, and links. They also have a "Discussions" section, which is great if you have pool questions, but it doesn't appear there is much discussion going on there. If you own a small business, this is a good model to follow.



Fan Count: 142
About: Like Lists? Of course you do! is all about the lists. We have originals and also feature some of the all-time best lists found on the internetz. All Your List are Belong to Us (not a it).

Why you'll like it: Like you thought we wouldn't add our own page here. We update our Listropolis FB page daily, and it's not just posts from here. We assume you're already a fan of Listropolis, so we hope you'll join us on Facebook too. We try to keep the updates interesting, and allow for fans to post on our wall too.



Fan Count: 9,074
About: Fail is not fail blog. Many of the pictures, and videos come from fail blog, and other sites. Please see the info tab for links to these sites. All pictures and Videos are property of there respected owners, and we thank them for putting them online!

Why you'll like it: Who doesn't like Fails? Looks like most of the content comes from FailBlog, but it's still funny, and a no-brainer to become a fan of if you're into that sort of thing.

Man After Dark


Fan Count: 64
About: There are just some things that can't be posted on a regular Facebook Profile. This is the dirty, raunchier, side of things - but it's what every man thinks about. Women, Sports, Videos, Music - it's all here. If you are easily offended....Leave!

Why you'll like it: Yowza!!! This page is a cross between Maxix, Playboy, and FHM, with a little MTV, Men's Health, and GQ thrown in for fun. How this page only has 64 fans is a mystery to me, but if you're a guy, or you like guy stuff, do yourself a favor and become a fan of this page. The site seems to be updated almost daily, and it looks like fans can add content, but keep in mind, it can sometimes get NSFW.

WTF 101


Fan Count: 144
About: We all love WTFs! Become a fan, visit daily, and share your own WTF links.

Why you'll like it: Now why didn't they offer this in college. WTF (What the Fuck) 101 will blow your mind. It's updated multiple times daily, and has some of the craziest links I've ever seen. I've shared a ton of the links from this page on my own, and they're always a hit. Fans of bizarre stories, videos, and pictures will absolutely love this site. Fans can add content to the wall on this page too, so you never know what you'll find, and if this page gets as large as I think it will, this could become one of the best places for your daily WTF fun.

So who did we miss?

We know there are thousands of great Facebook fan pages, so if you have one, or know of one, that you think should have made this list, let us know in the comments.

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12 WTF Coffins to Die For

Posted on 31 October 2008 by admin

Well, it's Halloween, so I'm feeling obligated to write a list about something Halloweeny. I received a tweet this morning showing hanging coffins, and thought they might fit well into a list of bizarre coffins.I have no idea if this list will interest anyone, but I was surprisingly intrigued (and shocked) as I did my research. Hope you enjoy!

The Egg Coffin


Gizmodo has a small gallery of crazy coffins, and this one caught my attention. I guess this egg would look nice next to your wicker couch.

The Coffin Calendar 2008 Sexy Coffins Calendar: Sneak-A-Peek

Nope, this isn't a joke. And I guess it's not really about the coffin on this one as it is about the fact that there's a 2008 version of a coffin calendar. Head over to Underground Humor for all the details.

Continue Reading

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10 WTF Sites That Will Warp Your Mind

Posted on 14 July 2008 by admin

I can't even begin to explain these sites. They are a little trippy, loaded with Flash, and a whole lot WTF. I feel these sites are hanging out on the outer-most sections of the internet universe, and I've done my best to pull them all together for you. You may never look at websites the same again.

#1 Treasure Box


I'm still trying to figure this one out. I guess it's a game. I have only been able to do four moves before it starts me over. Very odd, but a little fun.

#2 Superbad

contour from 10100 to 10625 by 25

Almost like a choose your own adventure book. Just find a place to click.

#3 Sugar Free Ink

Sugar Free Ink Continue Reading

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