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6 Disney Secrets You’ll Wish You Never Read

Posted on 18 March 2008 by admin

A Listropolis Original

I worked at the Magic Kingdom for 7 years, and was able to take with me a ton of secrets that ruin the "Magic" of Disney. Since I'm now burdened with these secrets, I figured I'd share 6 of them that most people have no clue about. If you're a die-hard Disney fan that still believes in fairy tales and pixie dust, this list isn't for you.

  1. There are tunnels under the Magic Kingdom - the tunnels are large enough to drive vehicles through, and serve as a way for cast members to access areas of the park specific to their costume. I did a much larger post about the Disney tunnels on another site that goes into details, and provides a list of park access points from the tunnels. These access points are scattered throughout the park, but most people never notice them.
    disney tunnels
  2. Main Street Illusion - All of the buildings on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, are built using forced perspective, making it seem as if Main Street will never end as you walk into the park, and making it seem very short when you're leaving. The windows on the second floor were all created much smaller than the windows on the first floor, and the building slightly angle towards the castle.
    main street
  3. Hidden Mickeys - this is probably the best known of all the Disney secrets. If you've never heard of hidden Mickey's, they are just mickey heads scattered throughout everything done by Disney - EVERYTHING. There are plenty of sites that cover the locations of the hidden Mickey's, but I doubt anyone knows where all of them are. They are on every Disney attraction, in most Disney movies, formed by buildings and gardens that can only be discovered by air, and many other places you'd never expect.
    hidden mickey in field

  4. X-Rated Fun - Not the x-rated you're expecting, but many Disney videos have dirty little secrets hidden in them. The most notorious is the penis hidden in the castle on the cover of the Little Mermaid, and the word "sex" being formed from dust in the Lion King. There's also a pornographic legend about the "Partner's Statue" in front of the castle, which is a statue of Walt and Mickey holding hands, and if you turn a certain way, you see a whole lot more than you bargained for.
    partners statue
  5. Flash Mountain - No, not Splash Mountain, Flash Mountain(NSFW). Flash Mountain isn't really a place. It's actually a phenomenon where woman flash their breasts as they're going down Splash Mountain. It's much more common than you'd expect, and if you watch the logs coming over the drop, you're bound to experience Flash Mountain. A picture is snapped as you go over the falls, and now they are heavily monitored for flashes, middle fingers, and gang signs. If any of those show up, the picture won't print, and you'll be left with only a story to tell.
    flash mountain

  6. No Deaths at Disney - I'm not sure if this one is still true, but as of a couple of years ago, it was ok for Disney to say they had never had a death at the park. If someone were to be fatally injured at the park, they would not be pronounced deceased until they arrived at the hospital - away from the park. Nothing happy fun about this subject, but it's a dark secret, and not many people know about it.

Know of any other dirty Disney secrets? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • kristina38
    idk if these are new secrets but there is a basketball court in the matterhorn at the very top.
    disneyland is the home to about 100cats, they keep them 2 keep mice out and to keep the park clean. in one of the buildings in main street in the second fllor is a room where walt disney and family members stayed at when they came to the park.
  • Destiney
    Omg I love Disney so much.
    I don't care about whether or not the tunnels "smell"..
    I don't care about what the cast members are like outside of the park.
    I just know that whenever I'm at Disneyland, nothing is putting me down. It is truely
    the most magical place in the world, no matter how it operates outside...
  • sftball1
    You act like these are all secrets and they are SOOO horrible. Everyone already knew these things and honestly, they aren't bad. Get over yourself please.
  • mario
    when i was little i acctually did see secret #4 when i was little but i quickly truned away lmfao i acctually got scared when i saw it lol!!!
  • Dfeliberty
    Not that big of a deal......
  • Xo-Diamond Nightmare-oX
    If you take the Key's To The Kingdom tour you get to view the tunnels as well as find out about the mainstreet prespective trick. In addition to many other things. Therefore reading these so called things that I wish I wouldn't have read was just a big waste of time. True fans care about the magic and the work behind the magic too.
  • mithra
    making it seem as if Main Street will never end as you walk into the park, and making it seem very short when you’re leaving.
  • Jermey Gordan
    If you really want a well kept secret, goto www.skipthedisneyline.blogspot... . You will learn how to get in front of the long lines at all the major rides in all 4 parks with out using the fast system.
  • missy
    it's called renting a wheelchair.
  • krizten
    or pretending to have a baby for the baby switch, my parents used to do that all the time
  • Jazzpianist
    None of these are really secrets. The forced perspective has been common knowledge since the late 1950s. The hidden Mickeys have been known since the 1980s. There were several articles in the early 1970s and later about the utilidors (you didn't even get the name right) below MK in Florida, and they even commonly do tours of them (I've been down there several times).

    And about the deaths - Mark Twain at Disneyland on a New Years Eve, an Asian tourist was killed by a misplaced rope on a mooring which broke and flew through the air. Another one when a train fell off Big Thunder a few years back. And the notorious death on America Sings a couple of days after it opened. There are many, and well-documented at that, so hardly secrets.

    Really want a secret? How about the single unfinished spire on Cinderella's Castle at MK. Know that one? Anybody who has a copy of any of the Mouse Tales books or access to them online knows these alleged "secrets." Try again.
  • Elphabec
    It was the Columbia, not the Mark Twain and it was Christmas Eve not New years eve. And it was a man and his family from Seattle that happened to be Asian. I guess they still are tourists, but not really Asian Tourists if you know what I mean. just sayin.
    I am going to look up the single unfinished spire though...thanks!
  • cheap wow account
    Ton of Disney’s Most Shocking Secret. Since I’m now burdened with these secrets, I figured I’d share 6 of them that most people have no clue about. If you’re a die-hard Disney fan that still believes in fairy tales and pixie dust, this list isn’t for you.
  • cheap wow account
    I admiring time and effort you put in your blog, because it is obviously one great place where I can find lot of useful info..Keep it up:)
  • Flname1234
    What a waste of time.
  • PJ
    disney doesn't hide deaths at the park. after mission: space was opened, a child died on it and it was announced to the media. that is why the ride now has two versions to it. and an older gentleman died sometime in the past year or so while riding expedition everest. not to mention the monorail conductor who died when the monorail crashed this past summer. that was all over the media. might want to check your "facts" before you post them as such.
  • Ed
    The guy said right at the beginning that he's not sure if it's still true and it was a couple of years ago...comprehend what you are reading.
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  • Fredodefrance
    That's at folk
  • Hjhkk
    SO What??? It is not a big SECRET. I know it for a long time ago.
    very funny
  • Katy
    If you stand right in front of the castle at precisely noon and look at the highest spire the sun will reflect perfectly off the top spire and create a Tinkerbell shape. This was something that the Disney Imagineers toyed with and could never prefect. I know this for a fact since I had an uncle who was an Imaginner so remember look up at 12:00.
  • joemichaels
    Wouldn't it matter what day it was, Katy? The ancient Mayans created a similar technique (sun casting a shadow on the handrail to stairs) but it's only visible on summer solstice, or something like that.
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  • christian rich is alias
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    Much Love,
    Big Daddy K
  • amber
    Wow I dont even care to read more than 3 sentences. Who wants to listen to someones opinion who is illiterate as you? Learn to spell and go get a better vocabulary. If you dont care about disney that much, why would you even bother to click on the blog. loser.
  • Boozehound7
    no more meth and whiskey for you.
  • Jazzpianist
    Maybe learn how to spell as well (complane? Seriously?) and you'll find a more satisfying intellectual position in your life that may help you to be more satisfied with yourself, since you seem to deplore yourself now. Also, if you have any grasp on cultural relevance and technology, you'll find, with a little research, how much Disney Imagineers have contributed to technology around the world in general, and how many other operations are successfully run. Removing Disney from 21st Century society would be like removing In God We Trust (do you?) from the dollar bill. They are at least positive, but I guess we need negative people in the world so we can appreciate the positive. Thank you for that.
  • Hobkmome4
    You are just a miserable person. Maybe you should leave the U.S. and live in Iraq or Russia. Seems those places would most fit your personality.
    If you're not happy, keep it to yourself. Don't rain on other peoples parade.
  • BowlMeOver
    Mix in a little punctuation, christian.
  • Richard Vester
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  • Richard Vester2
    tried a little speed before posting, eh christian?
  • Cspatt89
    Im not going to bitch and complain like most people on here but I was disappointed I thought we were really going to find out some awe inspiring "bad" secrets, just wish you could have told something worthy of the title, it should have been titled goofy facts about Disney.
  • Topsecret
    Fact 7: Most princesses are jerks who act like they have the worst job in the world
    Fact 8: It really REALLY smells in the tunnels
    Fact 9: Feel sorry for custodial cast members who have to walk all the way to the back of the tunnel to their area. That's like walking the length of the park before you even have to work!
    Fact 10: Fireworks set off car alarms in cast member parking areas
    Fact 11: There is a cast member store that sells all the "damaged" items from the park- including lost strollers that were never claimed. Honestly, I can't believe the number of strollers people leave behind!
    Fact 12: Did I mention it smells in the tunnels?
    Fact 13: Some lands are really hard to get to in the tunnels. I swear getting to Frontierland was like going through a scary jungle of smelly plumbing. Then all of a sudden- Frontierland!
    Fact 14: Apparently just anyone can drive a pargo. Keep an eye out in the tunnel or you'll be the next Disney casuality!
    Fact 15: Oh wait, as far as I know the death fact was actually true. Way to try to keep your name golden, Disney
    Fact 16: Ask a cast member any random question about questionable things in the park, like why is Cindy's castle blue, what's that wire hanging from the castle for? ANY random thing and all the good cast members will have a very clever story for you!
    Fact 17: In case you did not know, the tunnels smell!
    Fact 18: Little did you know when you're waiting forever to ride the godawful ride that is Small World there is a whole life going on behind it: busses unloading cast members, grumpy characters heading into work, people sighing because once again park hours have randomly been extended, Peter Pan smoking, and even music playing
    Fact 19: Getting your car lost in the cast member parking lot SUCKS!
    Fact 20: The parking lot isn't very hidden, as their are plainly seen signs on the road saying "cast member parking this way!" they're not very discrete, and if you're curious enough you can discover a lot just by driving around the grounds. Like the building dedicated to housing Christmas stuff.

    And just to be clear, it really REALLY smells inside the tunnel! People think Disney's trash system is impressive, but it's super freaking loud and smells so bad at places that you want to run past it with your nose covered.
  • Fariyalkhan
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  • Hannahhh
    erm.... i already knew this?! Its in all the friggin books you see on the shelved in disney (not the rude parts obvs) the tunnels are nothing new, the buildings are nothing new, and even i know secrets better than that!

    one of them being this :

    The whole of disney is built on top of swamp land, and about 10 years ago , if that, a ride in Magic Kingdom sunk due to sink holes appearing around the area. And apparently if a sink hole appears under the golf ball in will have to shut. That goes for the rest of the parks. Disney is built on sink holes so in about 40 or 50 years'll probablly be nearly gone..

    theres a secret for ya !

    I'm 15 and i knew that
  • Hb325
    I'm not saying your wrong about everything sinking, beecause Florida is all swamp, after all. But I don't see how a ride in Magic kingdom could have sank, due to the fact that the tunnels underneath the park are ground level, and the park itself is elevated above the tunnels. So, if something sank, it would actually sink in to the tunnels, not in to the ground itself.
  • Somebuddy
    I think that most of Florida is a big potential sinkhole, not just Disney World!
  • Mystery
    I've heard that eventually Florida will sink in a matter of time. At first I didn't understand why, but your comment really helped. Thanks! :D
  • LiZ
    yeah I live in Florida and our whole state is a swamp land. It's not JUST disney. Unfortunately.
  • joemichaels1
    "40 to 50 years," eh? I hope I'm still alive. That would be soooo funny!
  • Richard Vester
    now theirs someone who posted something actually intriguing
  • Laura
    I found this really interesting. It is now my life's goal to find every hidden Micky in the world. :)
  • ashley
    There has been a DEATH at Disney World and it was all over the news.
  • sunshineNbt
    Well, I just wanna put my 2 cents in since everyone else did. I think its really sad and actually crazy how many people have so many negative comments. This country is somewhat of a free country so why does any one care so much about what one author posted about something not at all life changing, Its his life, you dont like what this site has to offer then surf along to the next headline that catches your eye. . I completely support the author, you do what you wanna do. This didnt change my outlook on disney one bit, Ive heard worse disney secrets!! These really arnt bad at all. The only thing that upsets me are all these Internet tuff guys. They say the author needs to get a life but in reality the people who wrote the negative comments do. You just wasted even more of your valuable time. As for me, Im not gonna lie i can sit at home and surf the web for countless hours, its not really wasting any of my time if thats what i inteded on doing with my day. How did anyone come across this site?? Im sure youve spent countless hours stumbling across wacky web sites, its your own choice!! If you decide to stay the extra couple of minutes to write your pathetic rude comments, then that was your own choice!! What im getting at is all you Internet tuff guys needa get a life, stop bashing on other people for some unimportant comments that were made!! And just because your miserable doesnt mean to make everyone else unhappy! We all know misery loves company! And this is why the world is the way it is, because people get all worked up for something so simple! Well, im hopefull that God will bless you all, even the mean rude people! Have a great day ;)
  • Secretlogan1
    What a dork, ripping on internet losers to internet losers from an internet loser, trying to justify 'not wasting time.' Well, I am wasting my time, and I like it. It was fun.
  • disabled mobility

    isn't it funny.... the people getting on to people for being negative are just as negative, if not more so? Personaly I liked the post. I've never been to a Disney park, I do go to Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri though. Theres one ride, Tonderation, its said that every car but #7 has deraled with rides, hence it being called Lucky #7..... and another ride had a man saposedly who had his head lobbed off by a low beam with a light on it (saposed to look like a train that will run over you, thats where one of the drops is)
  • Bill Andreas
    Since I’m now burdened with these secrets, I figured I’d share 6 of them that most people have no clue about. If you’re a die-hard Disney fan that still believes in fairy tales and pixie dust, this list isn’t for you.peninggi badan
    Interesting. I only knew the number 4.
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  • Wayne
    those are pretty good but most of them aren't that bad besides the little murmade and flash mountain.
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  • Ted
    Somewhere down the list of comments was one about how could they dig tunnels without hitting water. It is my understanding that when building disney world they actually built up the land to a higher level. In one rumor it was said that the one of the lakes was made for teh fill (I don't remeber which) and was enough fill to raise the entire Walt Disney level by 12 feet. True? I don't know, but it sounds like something disney would do.

    As for all the 6 secrets, yeah, sensationalized title, but I already knew all of these. no spoiler for my love of Disney World.
  • bhftjdtyoty
    u suck
  • Kay
    Most of these "secrets" everybody knows. Waste of my time...These aren't even bad.
  • patdefee
    Reading this is a pathetic waste of time. Anyone who takes this seriously is in need of a rational mind and independent thought process. The author is disgruntled or just down right stupid. I want the five minutes of my life back that were wasted in reading this farce.
  • Lizzy
    ummm in case u havent noticed u obviously read it too or r at the least wastin ur time commentin on the ppl who read this so i dont think u have any room to critisize other ppl that read this cuz ur wastin ur time just as much as every1 else. . . so get over urself
  • StupidLizzy
    stop texting people on your phone and start reading books please.
  • GinaFl24
    Tooshay......................the english language and spelling have gone backwards
    because of the texting era...............
  • Twitch23
  • Shaun McLane
    I'm the author, and I'm neither disgruntled, nor stupid. It was one of the first lists on this site and created to drive traffic - which it has done....more than I ever expected. The title is sensationalized, but I promise I'm not the first person to ever do that on the internet. I have a feeling the five minutes you "lost" reading this wouldn't have amounted to much else towards making the world a better place, but I appreciate you not only taking those 5 minutes to read this, but also wasting a few more seconds posting a comment that contributes absolutely nothing.
  • Tesla_voltage
    It was harmless. People are just waiting to post something hard-ass and critical. People sit around surfing, eating too much, they can't even get up off their chair to pee, so they get a dipaer, Debbie McCoy for example, filling that diaper while she posts nonsense!
  • JessAaron
    Haha I like that. He really deserved it! I knew a couple things you posted but several of them I didn't know about. I'm glad I do now, and it's all thanks to you :)
  • GratefulGoat
    Thank you for posting this Shaun. This is why we surf the internet; little tid-bits of things we didn't know that may or may not be meaningful, but we enjoy it. Thank you again.
  • joemichaels
    Amen, brother. It was news to me.
  • kammy <3
    well said lol
  • apne
    Actually. This is all true. I work at Disney. And what do you mean take it seriously? As in it can't be real. Trust me it is very real.
  • Shaun McLane
    thanks for backing me up. lol
  • learn futures trading
    Fantastic comments about disney theme parks.
  • Blaine
    These secrets aren't secrets at all, or even bad! Almost everyone knows about hidden Mickeys, they sell books on them in the parks, obviously they dont want to promote a death on property, but they haven't said that since someone actually died on Mission Space a few years ago. And Walt's statue is completely how someone perceives it. Anything could look like a boob with the right eyes. Knowing that there is forced perspective is a little gem, knowing that the imagineers are clever enough to do those kinds of things makes it that much more magical.

    -Blaine(also a disney cast member)
  • Lyssa
    hun... its not boobs... lol
  • Robob
    I don't think he is talking about Boobs. You need to look a little LOWER
  • Castelle patio furniture
    you can actually get a tour of the tunnels now. It is costly, but they will actually give you four hours of informative tour.
  • mickeymousee
    I still love Walt and Disney no matter the flaws i enjoy ever aspect of the magic.
  • Leighonah
    this is sick!!!!!!!!!!
  • bubba
    these secrets are stupid, the only bad one is number 4. the firsst three have nothing bad about them and the last two yes are kinda bad but 5 has nothing to do with disney. thats all up to the people
  • stephanie
    this is awful that you would tell people about some of these things. i dont know if it was like this when you worked at Disney but now you have to sign a contract to keep these secrets adn if u signed that then how dare you tell people this. this stuff is kept secret for a reason adn you shouldnt have shared this with people!
  • J.J
  • FloridaGirrll
    How did they dig tunnels under Walt Disney World, becuase in Florida if you dig that low ull get water...
  • nikki
    there is no way you are that stupid FloridaGirrll
  • Faye
    FloridaGirrll, they didn't DIG them, the tunnels are actually the first level of Disney and the theme park is built on top of them. According to the Disney websites, you can actually get a tour of the tunnels now. It is costly, but they will actually give you four hours of informative tour.
  • AL
    When Big Thunder Mountian was being built in Disneyland, the top rock tower was the first part of the mountian to go up. Some watchful eyed Cast Members noticed that if you stood in a certain location in the park, you could see that the top of the mountian had a strange resemblance to that of an erect penis with it's package. It stayed that way for a few months until Disney management had it altered. But before the change occured, a Cast Member took some pictures of it to prove that it really happened. (anyone interested?)
  • Rod
    Wow, underground tunnels! You guys really dug up the dirt on Disney. Hidden Mickeys, Main Street Illusion. Pretty serious stuff. I'm so scared now, I'll never go back.
  • Tricia
    wow, these are all so... not shocking.
  • jedecker
    yea on "the rescuers" when the condor was diving down there is a women flashing her breasts in a window just infront of the white mouse.

    and in the First aladin move "Aladin" when the magic carpet takes alladin to the Princess and after it picks her up turn the volume on your tv all the way up and you will hear "good boys and girls have sex" these are only on the old VHS tapes not on the DVD's Disney took them off for some reason, lol
  • AmiH.
    It accually says " good teenagers take off there clothes" But everything else is true. :)
  • SuezieQ
    I think its hilarious how people go back and forth saying that "no one is pronounced dead at the park" and "ITS A LIE its happened before"

    It really doesnt matter whether they Are pronounced dead on scene or not...

    Other than that I like the post... Disney fan for a long time...
    Everyone who has worked there would have the upper hand versus us who have only been...
    So to you who have made Disney "magical" for those whose dreams weren't CRUSHED by this post, Thank you!
  • KikiC423
    X-rated?? I mean come on. That's just reaching/TRYING to be perverted. Only a true pervert would point out something like this in a kids' amusement park.
  • internetandbusinesspromotor
    hmmm nice article also read mine
  • mr. prezident
    i dont no if it is completely true or not but i have heard that a girl died at disneyland on thunder mountain and a dude died on indiana jones but i can only go by wat the news said
  • SuezieQ
    Very true...
    Wikipedia has a whole page on "Disney Accidents"
    The guy at indiana jones was only practicing a tumble and well... tumbled
  • blair
    Yeah, i have a good one, Did you kno that the creator of winnie the pooh was a sexual affender ? I found out one day online with my sister in law and she is a huge winnie the pooh fan.
  • Adult Game
    I also red another very interesting thing about the City, Walt Disney was planning to build. It was suppose to be a "perfect City" - kind of utopian dream - what happened?
  • jessy
    worst secrets ever!
  • Chris
    I’ve been a Florida Paramedic for a little less than fifteen years. Regarding the pronouncement of death in Florida, Paramedics can in fact and by law pronounce death outside of the hospital setting so long as the patient meets specific clinical criteria: Asystole confirmed in three leads, no palpable pulses, no respiratory effort, no blood pressure, or any obvious injury not compatible with life. Also in Florida, the law allows and most EMS protocols permit the cessation of resuscitation efforts and the pronouncement of death if the patient fails to respond to resuscitation efforts in a specific window of time once efforts were begun. In other words, if a person has been down for ten minutes prior to the delivery of any Advanced Life Support (ALS) efforts, it is exceedingly unlikely that person will be anything more than a zucchini.
  • avahart
    Dialysis treatment centers also do not pronounce a patient dead on the scene. If they did, they would have to treat it as a crime scene. I was a pt. and saw an elderly male pt. die. The nurses /technicians explained this to me.
  • mark
    Sadly the last is no longer true. The last couple of years have been hard on employees and several have been killed on site.
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    Good !!!
  • Ingrid Newkirk
    This was actually dispointing.

    When I saw the title I was all "Oh god! It's probably gonna say things that can ruin the company like the girls dressed as the princesses do cocaine in the castle."

    But instead I get this list of things that I could seriously care less about. From your tone you made it sound like Disney was going on a bloody rampage but it's just pointless. What do i care if a women flashes her tits or if there's tunnels below!
  • amy77
    Here are some things I heard when working at Disney...I worked at the Studios.

    The castle is made of fiber glass (much to the chagrin of people who try to sue disney for bricks falling on them!)

    Utilidors do exist but you can't smoke under them any more, only outside.

    In "the seas" before it became Nemo, you used to go in an "elevator" but you actually didn't move, you just stayed where you were.

    The forced PERSPECTIVE on main street is accurate. It is intended to look shorter as you leave (when you're tired, they don't want you thinking you have a long walk)

    The don't sell gum.

    The do sell alcohol in more places than just epcot.

    Apparently the IRS was quite interested in the Disney Money.

    Apparently Disney wanted to buy Orlando ??

    Walt did intend on making a perfect place under some sort of dome (weather control).

    In the Little Mermaid, the priest does have some happiness going on in his pants. My little cousin has the VHS from when i first came out and I saw it myself.

    Lion King, it does say "SFX".

    As cast members, we were allowed to sign autographs for kids. If a kid came who was upset because they didni't get an autograph, we could take their books and say that we just saw Micky, Mickey or whoever. We then could go backstage and sign them ourselves (as long as you were taught the signatures).

    If you spilled your popcorn, soda, whatever. You can ask for a free one. Technically if a CM sees you they are supposed to just offer it.

    If you get gum on your pants or rip somethng on a ride, you can go to guest relations and they will let you pick something out of the stores for free.

    They do pipe in the smell of fresh baked cookies on main street.

    NO ONE is allowed to be in their costumes (from merchandise hostesses on) when they arrive at work, UNLESS you are being bussed in on the CM bus which takes you from park to park, or from Vista Way in.

    Those are just a few more. It's been 10 years, so I've forgotten a bunch!
  • Current CM
    Cast member's are no longer allowed to sign autographs. If they do they can get termed. Only your good character friends are allowed.
  • andeesings
    Unfortunately, you're incorrect about the priest in "Mermaid". When the camera angle is switched, you can see the priest has ridiculously thin, tiny legs, so while at first glance it appears he's gettin' happy, in reality it's just his knee poking out from vestments. THAT being said-- I'm sure that the artists knew what they were doing, and meant it as a joke. But it's his KNEE-- that's all it is, and all it ever was.
  • sex_toys
    Thanks for the awesome post! It was just interesting but not disappointing... And I really enjoyed the comments, they weren't less interesting than whole article and debunked the myth about SEX/SEC and the graphics company that created those effects.
  • Faye
    July 4, 2009 that last one changed. A young man was killed on the monorail. He was a friend of a friend.
  • JoeAnne11
    Wow almost none of this things was in my mind and I truly found a lot of things I never expected to find. I`m so glad I have read this topic. Despite everything I read here I still want to go and visit this beautiful attraction park as fast as possible, me and my mates from Denver remodeling company.
  • sex_toys
    I also red another very interesting thing about the City, Walt Disney was planning to build. It was suppose to be a "perfect City" - kind of utopian dream of this great man and true master of Art.
    This secrets were also fun to read about. Thx
  • sex toys
  • roy
    you are full of shit pal looking for things that are not there yes the tunnels are and things like that but you said you did work for disney i am not surprised you weired freak
  • Disney Lover
    ok Whatever!!! I love Disney and still after reading this I STILL AM!!! 1. Tunnels So what they have to get around some how to make the effect of them coming out of no where!!! Same as a singer coming out from the bottom of a stage onto the stage ooohhhhh so what!!!! 2. This is a mind trick so what it makes everything look soooo pretty!! Are you not going to watch TV anymore either? Fake homes, rooms and scenes ????? 3. The Hidden Mickeys are something else for you to look for when you go. I am 29 and when Me and my dad went back in September we tried to see who could find the most. It was fun!!!! 4. X-Rated my buttt! Look at it any way you want but your a perv for even noticing it. I really dont think a child is going to notice something of that nature! Your CRAZY!!!! 5. As for your so called FLASH Mountain........ that is something that dumbass's would do in Disney!!!! Me and my daughter love that ride.. We watched so many people come down before we went on it and not once did I see anybody flash the flash!!!! 6. As for Deaths Your wrong there was a death on the Epcot Mission to Mars. People need to pay attention to the signs...... Now they have also added a not so extreme side to it!!!!!!!! Look you can say bad things about Disney all you want but uuuuuummmmmmm Disney is a wonderful place for a person that has a child or an inner child~! I hope you can come to realize that anybody could make anything perverted but its your imagination to work with how ever you want!~ I still Love Disney............
  • Carlos Planas
    you're stupid
  • Rob
    no you're stupid-no returns
  • Jen
    Um...1) it's Mission: Space at Epcot. 2) Mission to Mars was the movie the ride is based off of. 3) no one has died there they simply passed out on the ride and was taken by ambulance to the hospital where they died several hours later. 4) I know all of this because I work this attraction. 5) they added the easier side to the attraction so more people can enjoy not every one likes to spin. I love Disney also! So please get the facts before you post them.
  • joemichaels1
    That ride scared the hell out of me. I was glad my son bailed at the last second. He would've pooped his drawers.
  • Britain
    Stop ranting, or if you do rant, type properly.
  • Josh
    There is nothing wrong with these "secrets" that you have listed. You made it seem like they were going to horrify me and make me never look at Disney the same way again.

    I'm a pretty big Disney fan, and I attend Disneyland quite often, but I already knew most of these.
    Actually, the only one that I didn't know was number 4, which really is just a perverted perspective of looking at something. And besides, any Disney fan knows about the Little Mermaid cover and Lion King subliminal message. It's not Disney's fault, it's just the messed up animators that thought it would be funny.
  • AmiH.
    Accually the person who anitmated in the lion king was going to be he decited that he would put that in there so he would say he found it and then sew disney...but they found it and then took it out...but still most movies still have it in them.
  • Gav
    i spotted one "Mickey" totally by pure luck on the Test Trak ride at Epcot. When you go through the part of the ride, indoors, when you pass the robots spray painting the cars. Look to your right, and on the far wall there is a small RED Mickey about a few inches high, and about 5 feet off the floor. You'll be going farily quickly thru this part of the ride, so you'll have top be quick to see it. Good Luck!!
  • cheap disneyland secrets
    Anyone have any cool Disneyland secrets?
    and I don't mean he hidden mickies. I've already heard so much about them. I mean like other park secrets. or ways to do special things. or ways to get in cheaper? thanks ;)
  • Fritodad
    Yeah, I have a Disney secret that is not mentioned here. I visited Disneyland the year they opened, I was 5. There were probably about a dozen rides, one of them being the Jungle Cruise. They weren't finished building it yet and some of the animals like the hippos and elephants were just frames that look kinda like those deer people put in their yards at Christmas time, only bigger. I found out that the animals are not real!
  • disappointed
    I know this was posted awhile ago, but none of these are new secrets.
    I dont get why this was even posted.
  • alex thomas
    there is a secret entrance to the animal kingdom park if you go through the animal kingdoms rainforest cafe exit the shop on the right go straight down the driveway and then there is the turnstile
  • disneyland secrets
    On July 8, 1974, employee Deborah Gail Stone, 18, of Santa Ana, California was crushed to death between a revolving wall and a stationary platform inside the America Sings attraction. She was in the wrong place during a ride intermission; it was unclear whether this was due to inadequate training or a misstep. The attraction was subsequently refitted with breakaway walls.
  • tiger22
    I heard that there is a castle-shaped time capsule, buried underneath the compass in front of the sleeping beauty castle...within it, there is Walt Disney's master plan for a state-sized theme park
  • Carolyn
    As a Disney Employee you signed a confidentiality agreement prior to employment. I hope they don't find out who you are. They are really big on suing people.
  • Disney fan 4 life
    I have one thing to say about your Claim that Disney Place these so called dirty secrets in thier movies, The "SEX" that you see in the Movie the Lion King actually Says "SFX," Added by the Special FX team on the movie as a signature, if you do some research on the movie you will see this, people just preceive it to say "Sex" because they want to Make it seem as though they are dirtier than what they are, But nice try, just do more research before you claim to "know everything."
  • Annaleese
    In referance to #2, Main Street Illusion,
    I actually heard it was the other way around. That Main Street was made to look shorter walking in and longer walking out, thus discouraging guests from leaving the park earlier than later. - Just a though.

    P.S. Although I am a hard core Disney fan, still none of this "crushed" my magic. But it did offer an interesting read. - Thanks!
  • Fire Fly in the Dark
    DISNEY AND OTHER SATANIC MIND CONTROL TACTICS ON CHILDREN'S MINDS: (ID #5486717) is available only through a Direct Access web URL.
    To allow others to see and download this file, send them this link:
  • Mack
    There's club 33, the only place in Disney that serves alcohol. I heard the membership fee can be from $8 thoushand to $27 thousand! And then the annual membership fees are around $4 thousand. Expensive much?
  • Hb325
    Every park, except Magic Kingdom, serves alcohol, as well as all the hotels on property.
  • Nik
    I do know that as a character, you're not allowed to:

    1) Dress in the Disney character outfit outside of the park
    2) Tell ANYONE that you're the character. You're only allowed to say "I know someone who is ___."
    3) Have relationships with people who play the other characters

    I find most of it pretty ridiculous.
  • Erin
    !st- it's VERY hard to leave with a character costume of any kind- so it's not like you could easily walk out as Pooh and go to the store...

    2nd- There are PLENTY of relationships with other cast members- especially performers. Just thought you would like to know.
  • WC Murray
    Really good post. I took a behind the scenes tour a number of years ago and nobody pointed out Walt's Mickey. Of course now when I ride splash mountain I'm going to have to go over the top sitting backwards in my seat. One question though, what is the secret with Disney Pins, its like a madness among some people.
  • rebecca
    For those who say the tunnels are not true: I guess you have not seen the tour that Disney gives to guest now. You can take a full tour of Disney tunnels and all. You have to be atleast 18 to take the tour bc they do not want to ruin anyones dreams. I THINK it is called keys to the kingdom but dont take my word for it. You can see it on under magic kingdom. old news
  • norm7734
    as a former photgrapher working for disney there is definitely no love in the magic kingdom
  • becky
    you should check you facts regarding deaths really. i cant sem to find the original site i read but heres another good one...

    i have also seen stats. like"15 deaths since 1989." but for all my research many have come up as pre existing conditions or stupidly not fallowing the safty rules like remain seated.....

    heart prob.s seem to be the disney death cause i dont know but i still think you should update you research!!
  • disneyland secrets
    great secrets! never knew about the main street illusion.
  • DJ
    Is this the only "dark" secrets you could conjure? I held a top level position in the company for fifteen years and you haven't touched the hem of the garment. However secrets are only secrets if they are never revealed. And I'll go to the grave with mine.
  • Bob Frost
  • nicole
    Haha that was hilarious i would have never expected to see so much out of Disney. That was so flippin funny. lol
  • Armand
    As of today, there is only one recorded death on Disney property in WDW Orlando.
  • Elizabeth

    numbers 4 and 5 were very stupid.
  • Mark B
    About 14 years ago I was visiting Disneyland and saw moving through the crowd, what appeared to be a gurney for moving people, like in a hospital, but it was dressed up with a red and white striped canopy hiding whatever/whomever was on the gurney and it was attended by four men wearing typical barbershop quartet garb including straw hats. I assumed the gurney was used to remove dead or injured visitors from the park without spoiling the illusion of the "happiest place on earth image.
  • Band Geek Love
    This last spring break, my school's concert band (of which I am a part) played in the Magic Kingdom, at the cafe in Tomorrowland. The great part about the cafe is that the stage on which we played can only be accessed by way of the underground tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom. The best part is that the stupid robot that tells jokes and what not that is usually there rises into the ceiling, and the stage we played on rises out of the floor underneath. It was an amazing experience. One thing they told us though, was that while we were in the tunnels, we weren't allowed to acknowledge or really even look at the folks in costume (or partially in costume, as was more often the case). They said it ruined the magic. It is incredibly odd to see Cinderella walking around with jeans and a t-shirt on... but really really cool ^^
  • Sam I Am
    Hi, I saw this referenced at http://www.SubliminalMessages.Com and wanted to say that the rumors about the tunnels are simply not true. Just like lach Ness. Just ain't there.
  • Faye
    Wrong. I've walked them -- and run them when I was late on-stage. Not only are there tunnels, the ones in Florida are actually the original ground level. The rest of the kingdom was built up over them. The fact is, there is a grand cafeteria for the cast members, the barber shop, costume shop, locker rooms... all down there, along with the rooms and rooms full of computers, oh, and don't forget cash control (the bank).
    The idea is, cast members go into their locker room, get dressed in their costume, then walk in the tunnels to their designated area. Wouldn't be fitting to see someone in a lovely Main Street or Frontierland costume walking through Tomorrowland...
    The tunnels are indeed true. And an amazing concept.
  • Brian C.
    You mentioned, but it's still always shocks me: the stuff in their movies. Some are arguable, like the Lion King "SEX" dust, which may simply say "SFX" (short for "sound effects"). But I recently saw a picture of a women that was...not intended for children, in my VHS copy of "The Brave Little Toaster". Does Disney have THE worst check-movie-before-release-team (or whatever the technical term is), or what?

    If you're really wondering, watch the scene with the junkyard song, when "Rabbit-Ears" (the old TV in the Master's new house) is trying to convince the Master and Chris to got to the junkyard. He pulls pictures out of a drawer, that supposedly contain evidence of dangerous going-ons at an appliance store, but instead, the top picture contains a rather not-child-appropriate picture. You may have to freeze the frame, as the picture is thrown away rather quickly.
  • Julian
    I am a big disney fan. This is not much of a secret to most people that belong on the forum I frecuent. It does not changes my perception of Disney, not one bit. Either you dont like the place much or you just needed something to write about.
  • M Cleghorn
    Ok, so you have informed a few people of things that they may not know, but I can assure you that most people who know anything about Disney are not SHOCKED to read your list. Everybody knows there are tunnels. I think its awesome that someone was intelligent enough to create such a masterpiece. And if you think these things are depressing and sad, think again. A TRUE Disney fan LOVES Disney for all its fun, truths, magic and faults. Who cares if they make a mistake once in a while or if they don't know REAL magic? I am almost 40 and still feel like a little princess every time I walk down Main Street - both ways!
  • nina
    i've looked at these secrets.
    they are not dark and sad. that flash mountain what a story
    to tell your grandchildren. deaths at the they are posted on all kinds of sites. there have been about nine deaths i believe to people drowning in rivers of america. the mickey and walt...that's a little low to be a penis, the little mermaid penuis i don't never noticed it until people mentioned it, sex in the sky unless you know about it you know it's there. the buildings and tunnels pretty interesting. hidden mickeys everywhere is pretty neat. still a die-hard Disney fan! i believe princesses and fairies everywhere
    :Disneyland makes me feel like a child no matter what
  • admin
    @Juan actually, that's where most of the people that work there (the cast members) go to get their hair cut. It was only $5 for cast members, and Disney makes you keep your hair a certain way that the barbers were very familiar with.
  • Faye
    Off the collar, over the ears, no bangs in the eyes. (Guys)
  • Faye
    And the cast barbershop is down in the main tunnel around the corner from the costume shop. At least it used to be.
  • juan
    About the deaths at Disney check this out. I hope is bullshit.

  • juan
    Has anyone notice a few steps after the entrance at the Magic Kingdom, there's a n actual barbershop? Who's gonna go to Disney to cut their hair? is that an attraction?
  • MeMyMine
    it's also a place to take your little girls to get hair spray and glitter for less than $10.
    which is way cheaper than the "Bibbidie Boppity Boutique"
  • CortneyEge
    Actually a lot of people take their children there for their first haircuts. They get a cute certificate and everything.
  • jo
    You Can't buy a package of gum Anywhere in the park! I don't know if that's a secret or not!
  • Andy
    I think the tunnels are called Utili-doors (pardon my spelling)
  • Ranze Jini
    isn't it funny.... the people getting on to people for being negative are just as negative, if not more so? Personaly I liked the post. I've never been to a Disney park, I do go to Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri though. Theres one ride, Tonderation, its said that every car but #7 has deraled with rides, hence it being called Lucky #7..... and another ride had a man saposedly who had his head lobbed off by a low beam with a light on it (saposed to look like a train that will run over you, thats where one of the drops is)
  • yujiro
    is this real???? please is not,disney is so famous and kind in the world!!!and disney is not porno
  • alison
    i am so glad that many of you feel this post was a waste of time, yet you have the time to post that it is a waste...whatever-fun facts are always fun
  • Kaytee
    I've noticed that the gardens at Versailles look a little like Mickey, but the "hidden mickey" is not a Mickey Mouse head, it's just the way the gardens and the palace were designed. Hidden Mickeys always have three circles; a large one for the head and two small ones for the ears. I don't know why there would be any affiliation with Disney or Mickey Mouse at a palace built for a French king more than 500 years ago.
  • Bekah
    i've actually been in the tunnels from when i was five and i got really, really sick. i was in an ambulance that took me through them faster than it would have taken to go on the roads to the park. and then i was taken to a hospital since there was a possibility i could have died. fever of 105.2. but basically i've seen two of the things first hand.
  • The dude who was bored and rea
    Last year i went to disney land in cali for a band trip and found a pretty cool secret. if you go to the back of disney land you will see the big plastic type mountains that look like nothing from far away. but in truth, if you go behind there there is a bunch of studio's where they actually record the music for all the movies. it was cool seeing how you play the music and they match it up to the movies to see if it fits. also, thats where they hide all the dead bodies and drugs. old walt himself was back there smoking a doobie! true story
  • Alex
    The Winnie the Pooh ride was built in the building that used to house the Country Bear Jamoree. If you look behind you as you enter the "hunny room" the three mounted heads from the show are still on the wall above the door.
  • andeesings
    Dude Winnie the Pooh used to be Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. The Country Bear Jamboree is still there- and it's in Frontierland, NOT Adventureland.
  • Rob
    Nah dude, you got it wrong. Unless you are talking about Disney World (I've never been)...but at Disneyland, the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is still there and what Alex said about The Winnie the Pooh ride and the Country Bear Jamboree house is true.
  • Kelly
    Are these supposed to be secrets? Wow, tunnels under disneyland...who knew?
  • giselle
    very interesting article. i'm a florida resident as well, but i've always wondered about the tunnels. there's also a hidden mickey in the Haunted Mansion. when you're in the little buggies and pass by a dining room table, look down because one place setting has plates in the shape of mickey's head.
  • ti83pop
    I knew the person who died at Disney a two years ago...

    Anyway, interesting post. I knew a few, but still quite an entertaining read!
  • john
    dude this guy and if u read this stop trying to act all dramatic i worked at disneyland and i was born and raised 15 minutes from the park so yeah there is nothing new and all the tunnels are there for a reason so kids dont see them with out their costumes and also as for the x rated stuff well any one who can see knows that already so watever man get a life!
  • maryyx3
    dude dont be such a dick alright? no one cares if yu worked at disney big fucking deal yu think yur so tuff andd all thiss shitt likee honestlyyy yur the one who needs to get a life
    !!!! gott it?!?!?! GOOD
  • pete
    This cast member was killed on America Sings on July 8, 1974. She was crushed as the room started to move.
  • carlos
    i knew about the tunnels from the book ingdom keepers but is there realy a secret way into the castle?
  • ist
    The "no deaths in the park" thing is true at almost every major park in the country. I worked at King's Island in Ohio last summer, and they do the same thing. I think it's standard Cedar Fair procedure.
  • Kat
    Club 33 is at the original Disneyland, in So Cal, and it is still there. It is the only place where you can buy alcohol inside the Disneyland Park. It is still a private club to some sorts, you can get on a waiting list to see if you can get in, but it costs a fortune and most people on the waiting list will never see inside. They just had a article about it in the LA Times. Nowadays you can buy alcohol in California Adventure. They have bars and everything!

    I saw a special on TV about how Disneyland in Orlando was built. The tunnels was just one thing that Walt wanted to correct about the original Disneyland in So Cal. It was very interesting, if anyone can see, it actually tells you about the tunnels, and all the Mickeys' everywhere and about how they designed main st to look the way it does.
  • TC
    To all of those negative ***holes, go DIAF. It's just a cool little post someone put up. If you didn't like the post then why the hell would you waste your time commenting on it??


    I didn't know about the forced perspective and the candy smell on Main Street, but now that I think about it I always think Main Street IS sooo long when you walk through it and then it's like really short when you walk out to leave the park :P

    FACT: Above the fire department building the candle that used to be lit when Walt Disney was home in his apartment above that building stays lit all the time now in his memory. =]
  • hobo4now
    Bravo, Ireland. Fun post - thank you. I have other things to focus on besides disney stuff, and I found this very entertaining.
  • Brit
    hey, i workat a six flags and the number 6 secret is not true for us...i read a comment that someone had said that....we recently had a worker fall to there death while dismantling a ride, and we have had a death on a previous ride several years ago where they even said on the news that they died at the scene.
  • Lyssa
    Yea some guy at our six flags got his head chopped off cuz he climbed over a fence to get his hat. Idiot.
  • j
    cool post.

    but who'd have thought there were so many people with so much spare time.
  • olstar18
    The guy that put in that penis still works there so I doubt it was intentional. It was merely him doing a rush job and one of the spires he drew was malformed. Oh and question. What is so frightening about maintenance tunnels that people would wish they didn't know about it. Honestly even colleges will have maintenance tunnels between buildings.
  • ryan
    to the author:
    about secret #4 the reason many of those happened was because some of the people in the design for like the little mermaid cover were mad at disney and were about to be fired so they went crazy and put the penis in, but later people found out and it was removed and changed, and of course they were fired.
    so its not that they did that on purpose...
  • Lauraine
    ah everybody. just relax. to those of you being positive towards this blog i do apologise for what i'm about to say next. i'm not being racist, just stating facts. though some of you are so narrow minded won't see it as facts and i babbling....

    the idiots who post really snotty condescending comments on any blog are the type of people who make the rest of the world hate Americans. these idiots are the minority. so happy people share the love and maybe your country will not be hated as much.

    i live in Ireland and i visit Orlando twice a year, for Disney and Universal. it's alot of fun and this blog is just happy and i don't get why there is so much negativity.

    Enjoy it for what it is. Get over yourselves if you don't, tthere are plenty more sites suitable for you to look at.

    I'm lovely really and see you all in September.
  • TJ
    I Have a copy of the original little mermaide cover with the penise I have kept it for all these years just because it’s on there.
  • OMG
    OMG...My entire life has shifted and I wish I had never read these six deep, dark, magnificent secrets of Disney. All the illusions of my life have fallen away, I feel as though I took the red (or blue, or whatever) pill from the Matrix, and all of the myths, lies and fabrications of our society have fallen away, leaving me with the overwhelming fear and responsibility of possessing this knowledge.
  • Megan
    When they first released "The Rescuers" as the mice are flying past buildings, there's a building with a topless dancer.

    it wasn't noticed until it was on the shelves and was then immediately recalled
  • Emma
    Actually there IS a way to go through the tunnels without being a cast member. When i was in high school my orchestra participated in the 'music in the parks' and we went through the tunnels in order to get on our stage in tomorrowland. THe stage was in a restaurant and it rose from underground up to the restaurant. Very cool!!!!
  • admin
    @Angela I assure you, I did work for Disney. 1994-2002 (some of those years I was seasonal). I worked at World of Motion and Horizons in Epcot before they were switched, and I worked Country Bear Jamboree, Tom Sawyer Island, Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, and I was also part of the team that started the CMS program, and I worked in the tunnels for 6 months. It sucked. Never saw the sun in the tunnels.

    As far as the post goes... I never claimed that these were "new" secrets. They are simply things that are discussed around disney, and seem especially interesting to people that are not CMs (cast members). The number of hits I've received makes me think more than a couple people find this interesting.
  • Angela
    None of these are new... if youre a die hard disney fan you would have alreayd known these long ago, and I really dont see how any of them would ruin anything for you? I love the forced perspective of main street and how there are tunnels so that you never see cast members out of costume in each land. Whoever wrote this I doubt worked for disney, these are well known facts that are definetly not disney secret.s
  • Singerguy
    Oh, one more thing. Sometimes they use that particular tunnel to get performers into the park without hassle. I remember everyone from Debbie Gibson (in the mid-80's) to Elvis Costello using that tunnel. They drove them to the terrace in a golf cart with their people and their stuff.

    The haunted mansion dinner scene is simple reflection on glass with actual animatronic figures underneath where the "doom buggies" are riding. They are lit and the reflection on the glass creates a "ghostly" appearance on the actual, constructed set you see which is the dining room.

    Pirates looks boring with all the maintenance lights on. They have lights that turn on throughout the whole ride when they're working on it after-hours. The water is crystal clear and not at all "swampy." You can easily see the tracks and mechanisms in the very shallow water, as well as all the blemishes, worn paint, screws and bolts, light fixtures and everything else.

    Under New Orleans Square is a large employee cafeteria (underground). There is a tunnel that goes to the Matterhorn and is used for equally boring stuff.

    I don't know if I believe the above-posted story of seeing characters in the tunnels "smoking" but it's possible. Usually they are on short shifts and don't roam the tunnels in costume and especially with a lit cigarette. But maybe back in the 60's or 70's.

    The best place to see characters "off the clock" is at the main employee cafeteria, near main street, in the cast area. called the "In Between." That name may have changed in recent years but I bet not.

    Lot's of break rooms scattered around too. ANy of you who actually worked there (in Anaheim) probably remember the early morning canoe races. Those were always fun.
  • Singerguy
    I worked in entertainment- in the top-40 band that plays at what used to be Coca Cola Terrace (we called it "Coke Terrace" and is now "Tomorrowland Terrace." As an added bonus we got to see everything in the park after it closed. We could wander at will and also rehearsed at the park.

    Indeed there are a few tunnels but they're hardly secret. The one we used the most goes from behind what used to be America Sings/Carousel of Progress and goes under Tomorrowland to Coke Terrace. It's used to get equipment to the stage area of the Terrace as well as food supplies. I used that tunnel a gazillion times. Not all that exciting.

    It does smeel like sewer because there is a huge trash processor for the restaurant above it. The tunnel us used to haul that trash, re-supply the restaurant, get access to the "backstage" area at the Terrace (where the stage rises) and to move people and gear to/from there. We had dressing rooms underneath Coke Terrace at the end of the tunnels. There is also a break room down there for the restaurant employees and the stage that rises.

    Access to that lower area is also gained by the door at the East end of Tomorrowland Terrace, next to what used to be the sandwich/salad ordering area across from Star Tours.
  • Taryn
    I SOOOOOOOOO worked there!!!
  • Busta!
    @Becca: hate to call you out on your obvious bullshit, but thought you might want to take a look at this:
    The morse code you can here at the train depot near the Haunted Mansion is Disney’s Inaugural Speech when the park opened. Disney’s private apartment is above the firestation at the beginning of Main Street.
  • Jeshicurr
    very interesting post. i knew about flash mountain and the main street illusion, but i never heard of the hidden mickeys everywhere. i've lived 30 minutes away from disney all my life, and i didnt know some of these things, and i found it very entertaining. people who think otherwise can suck it.
  • Sam
    I agree that sex word in lion king was misspelled due to some sick minds. I think Disney should kick out People with such perv minds . i am sure that walt and mickey statue was genuine and not for some hidden x - rated fun whichonly perverts notice.
  • shteebo
    hey with the hidden mickeys, and since recent polls and statistics show that hannah montana/miley cyrus is more popular than mickey mouse, do you reckon they'll soon be developing hidden hannahs? its just a theory, and a wild one at that, but it crossed my mind, and i thought i'd share it.
  • count of monty christo
    umm heaps of facilities have those tunnels?so what they are there to trasnport around tools and stuff, thats no very sinister
  • Crista
    What about the porn scene in the background of The Rescuers? From what I hear it's the only one Disney ever acknowledged as having happened.
  • Annaleese
    That is true, but it was removed immediatly upon discovery.
  • Dave C
    The thing about 'no deaths at disney' is NOT true. I moved to Orlando in 1986, and there have been many. It is on the television news a lot.
  • Brian
    I've been in the Magic Kingdom tunnels. I was playing with my high school jazz band and we had to enter the stage area from within the tunnels. They basically banned us from ever mentioning them again. It was really cool to see the inner workings of Disney.

    Do you have any idea about the castle? I know there's a restaurant, but I've heard various rumors about what is in the top of the castle.
  • fjd
    I used to work in the New Orleans Main Kitchen underground in the Anaheim park. The kitchen served all the restaurants in New Orleans from the Blue Bayou to Club 33. Yes, all the food for each restaurant comes from the kitchen via conveyor-belt.
    There is a basketball court in the Matterhorn. The morse code you can here at the train depot near the Haunted Mansion is Disney's Inaugural Speech when the park opened. Disney's private apartment is above the firestation at the beginning of Main Street.
    The jungle in the Jungle Safari is full of cats as it was the only effective way to keep the rodent population at bay.
    The park indeed is full of intersting secrets that could fill a book.
  • Jake
    I used to work at Disney. All the shops on the Main Street have different names like flower shops and other seemingly random names. Actually, when Walt Disney was buying the land for the park, he knew that any real estate agent selling this land would charge a boatload for Disney's new purchase. Therefore, Walt made up names of 15-20 fake businesses to buy the land under. This made sure the best possible price would be obtained for the land. These fake business names are the names of the businesses on the second floor windows of the shops.

  • Tim
    For a very long period of time Disneyland in Calif. have one of the best trained private security forces in the world.The majority of their security force was made up of active duty Marines working part time there, from the 3 bases in close proximity to the park!
  • Chris
    In the Little Mermaid Movie, during the "wedding scene" on the ship... The priest/pastor presiding over the ceremony gets and erection... Very funny! Check it out...
  • Brian
    There are some hidden mickeys that are temporary. I was once eating at a restaurant in tomorrowland when an employee went to wash the window. When she sprayed the cleaner on to it, she sprayed three circles: a mickey.
  • Dana
    I worked at Disney in 1992-1993 at Epcot :)
    Was a blast, and I enjoyed your post. Brought back a lot of awesome memories! Back when I worked there, my boyfriend and I would go to one of the parks when I was off and sneak backstage to get some cheap, yet surprisingly great food and explore the tunnels, find employee deals at the tables they'd have set up down there etc.
    Good times =)
  • Frank
    I work for Warner Village Theme Parks in Australia and can say that Movieworld also has a similar system. Instead of tunnels though, the park in circled by the "offstage" area so that staff can walk around the outside of the park to their specific area. Wet'n'Wild and Seaworld don't really have this but I would imagine that a lot of major theme parks, especially movie themed ones, would.
  • Katie
    awesome post
  • Kate
    To the person claiming the Sex thing false, it wasn't SEC, it was SFX, and made by stars. There's another star that makes the F into an E "a mistake".
  • tom
    You can find the majority of these "secrets" by watching the travel or discovery channel. Discovery channel has done several shows about Disney where they talk about the tunnels, the hidden Mickeys and the forced perspective on Main Street. Old news. Ive heard of the other things as well. These "secrets" are actually pretty well known by most people.
  • Mektoub
    There's a "very old" hidden Mickey on the castle of Versailles in France, you can see it here (incline a little your head to the left) it has squared hears though...
  • fukkeredmort
    it is aso true that they spray "candy" smell on main street near the candy shops. and the castle is only like 3 stories tall and the first story is the only normal size the rest is "forced preception" so they dont have to put red warning lights for airplanes.
  • DK
    The one about "No Deaths at Disneyland" is not true. There was a man who had the right side of his head sheared off while riding the Columbia (Big Boat that sails around Rivers of America) when they pulled away from the dock without untying the rope from the cleat. It pulled the rope as tight as possible, pulled the metal cleat out of the dock and recoiled right into his face severing the right side of his head.

    There was also a death on Big Thunder Mountain where one of the cars came loose and detached from the rest of the train. The decoupling drove a metal rivet through the head of one of the guests on the ride. After it happened, the crew member that found him received a year paid leave from Disney for the trauma.

    There was a cast member who got squished on the old America Sings ride by getting squished between the walls as they were rotating and the only way they identified her was because they found the boots that the cast members wore (Disney barcodes every piece of their costumes and makes cast members check them out of the costume dept), and a little boy who drowned when he hid out on the Tom Sawyer/Pirate Island and tried to swim back after the park closed.
  • Megan
    I worked for Disney World through their College Program Internship. All of these are true! Disney is notorious for putting on such a show! It's all about outward appearances!!!!
  • shanthezeta
    I thought all of this was fabulously interesting and I think it's a little sad that everyone went on debating wheather it was or not.

    Thanks for the post.
  • Charles
    Our high school jazz band went in the tunnels once, when we performed in Tomorrowland on the rising stage that Zenman mentioned. It's kind of strange down there, because you'd see rooms full of Lumiere parts and such. One part of the tunnels smelled distinctly like sewage...

    But it was really awesome to perform on the rising stage...we set up in this small room, and then we rose up right into the Tomorrowland cafe, it was amazing.
  • dav0995
    Never been to a disney place yet but if you like disney facts you might like to know that it has one of the top 5 largest naval fleets in the world. ( based on number of vessels )
  • mack
    sorry i guess its a little later
  • mack
    if u turn up the volume in alladin when he and jasmin are on the the point when genie says "beee yourself" himself in the form of a be you can hear a voice say "take off all your clothes"
  • Nicholas
    I knew 5 of these, and the one about death in Disney is not true. There have been instances where workers bodies have been obliterated by rides, and they could not take them outside of the park, or to a hospital for them to be pronounced dead. Disney tries to take them to an ambulance, or to a helicopter to an emergency room, and they are pronounced dead on the way, but sometimes there is NO body to take away just because it has been crushed by rides.
  • Ryan
    Here's another cool one. Halfway up inside the Matterhorn @ disneyland there is a half sized basketball court. Seriously. Google image it or look @ a story. But really cool stuff (and the thing posted earlier about Club 33 - true(they serve alcohol in there 2))and ive been in those tunnels :P
  • Xazzel
    I don't get the pornographic history on "Partners Statue"
    i turned the picture every which way and i cant see anything pornographic, whats the secret? anyoneee??
  • Annaleese
    Just look at the picture posted. - Mickey's nose suggests Walt is "happy" I just think that's someone looking too much into things.
  • woody
  • Sara
    I worked at the Magic Kingdom for 4 years back in the late 80's. I worked in the entertainment department doing characters for part of that time so I spent a lot of time in the "tunnels." What most people don't know is that they aren't technically tunnels. They are the first floor; built on ground level. The park itself was then built on top and is, therefore, the second floor.

    I learned more working at Disney than I have at any other job. It was also the most fun I've ever had at work.
  • mike
    It's not exactly true that 'nobody' dies at Disney. Or any other public place that others have mentioned here. Actually EMT's CAN pronounce patients dead given certain criteria. I've been a Firefighter/EMT for 6 years now and have pronounced several patients dead. It's called a field pronouncement and its a very common thing. If somebody were injured at Disney and met the certain criteria(decapitation, exposed brain matter...) They would not be transported to a hospital.
  • Wayne71150
    I have also been told that underneath the park, the bank operating inside the park has a room that is used for the sole purpose of drying money. It is where all of the coins extracted from the various water venues goes to dry before it is re-circulated.
  • sam
    ive seen a hidden mickey in tron
  • Birdzilla
    Have you ever wondered how much wildlif areas were distroyed as they bult their theme parks
  • unf
    the orchards were there first, and were bought and bulldozed to build the park. damn those evil cirtusmongers and their destructive capitalist greed!
  • ChekovsGun
  • Zenman
    I worked for the Entertainment Technical Services department at Disneyland Anaheim for years. Unlike Florida, there is no network of tunnels under the Park, but there are a series of tunnels that run from the former 'Carousel of Progress / America Sings' building to Tommorrowland, where the performance stage is loaded prior to being raised for performances at the Terrace. There are offices and storerooms there, and a tunnel that runs to the Matterhorn. This provides access to the top where Tinkerbelle is launched every night at 9:00 PM. Outside of that ( and a few rides and employee service areas in New Orleans Square) there are no underground secrets at Disneyland.

    I loved working there, and got to climb around inside everything, play with big expensive toys and got paid for it.
  • mightysamurai
    Not sure how some of these qualify as "secrets".

    For instance, the tunnels under Disney World, for example, are common and, most importantly, public knowledge. It's hardly a "secret" that they are under the park. I recently saw a documentary on the History Channel that talked about the tunnels and why they are there, and they didn't say anything about any big "secret".

    And "secrets you'll wish you never read"? Don't you think you're being a little dramatic here? I mean, honestly, who was actually bummed out by any of these?
  • shasta
    Annex A:
  • shasta
  • vecthdaddy2000
    Club 33 - many of the "members" were corporate sponsors at least back in the '90's when I worked for AT&T, we had annual meetings there. The combination of sales people, liquor and rides naturally led to competition - get as loaded as possible at Club 33 then head on over to Splash Mountain and ride repeatedly until you blow chow. The winner was of course whoever could ride the most without upchucking but the most "fun" was had by the one who threw up the most frequently. Ah, good times, good times.
  • Baxter
    I've been in the tunnels in Walt Disney World (Orlando) about 10 years ago. My girlfriend's parents worked at the park and took us into the tunnels. We went from one side of the park to Space Mountain in less than five minutes. It was pretty cool. It was also weird to see Snow White half dressed and smoking a cigarette!
  • Super Mike
    By now, with all the Clearwater stuff going on that's spreading across Florida as well, isn't there a connection between Scientology and Disney?
  • Kyle Hayes
    @Ali- You are incorrect about Club 33 being built for Walt and his friends. Remember, everything in Disney has a story or meaning behind it. Club 33 was actually named for the 33 original investors in Disneyland Park to get it up and running. Walt wanted an exclusive club where he could literally wine and dine his valued investors.
  • Becca
    In regards to the Little Mermaid penis artwork, one of my family's more schmoozy friends happens to know the artist in question. According to her (family friend; I haven't spoken to the artist, so take this with a grain of salt), he spent a long time creating artwork for the cover of the film, which Disney then told him was not what they'd been looking for and asked him to do it over (without payment for the second round of work). In retribution ... you know the rest.
  • That Girl Crystal
    I've always seen the MGM (I guess Hollywood Studios now) placing when flying into Orlando and wondered whether it was a real hidden Mickey or just a coincidence. I'll have to look for that HWY 27 one sometime.
  • Alyy
    apparently, all of Disney World is in the shape of a mickey mouse.
  • Mickey says
    To you who said sumthin about no club 33 it's LAND not WORLD guys i been there, it's above blue bayoue where it looks like some building on the street but behind the windows it's all club 33. If you count the addresses in new orleans square you'll find it's door #33 of course and a special buzzer to let members in. lol, not knowing this "common knowledge" isn't being ignorant it means they are beginner buffs of disney don't put them down for being interested.
  • bob jamison
    Many years ago, my brother got really sick during a late night fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom. They took our whole family into the underground tunnels and drove us out of the park on a big golfcart. I just remember the tunnels being really neat.
  • robert tamez
    lots of ppl don't know this, but if you get caught on a ride where some one "flashes" on "flash mountain" if your not with them and you complain about it and tell them you wanted a picture they usually walk you through to the front of the line so you don't have to wait to ride again to get the picture you wanted.
  • Nightwolfmoon
    You forgot the one about the holograms in the haunted mansion
    there are no holograms just reflections in glass
    i worked for WDW about 6 years ago with the college program and the guy i was dating at the time somehow got us a walking tour of the ride
    it was pretty cool
  • Scott
    In California, anyone with knowledge can pronounce death, it doesn't need to be a doctor.
  • April
    It's true that no one has ever died at Disney World because no one will be declared dead until they reach the hospital in Celebration, FL, where it is always discovered that the fatally injured person had some rare heart condition no one knew about (and you will NEVER hear one word otherwise from the victim's family - can you say CHA-CHING?!). Oh, and can you guess who founded Celebration, Florida and owns the hospital?! Yep.
  • Tabitha Mattox
    my comment is about secret number 4. if u watch aladin when he goes up to the balcony to aplogize to jasmin, turn it up really loud. the genie says "all teenagers take off your clothes." i am willing to prove this if needed.
  • Gmeover
    Nice list. Most of these secrets are divulged in the "Keys to the Kingdom" tour you can take at the Magic Kingdom. It takes you behind the scenes of the park and even into the utillidor (the underground tunnels)
  • Ben
    I got to tour some of the secrete passages in islands of adventures. I was mainly looking at the launch systems on The
    Hulk. All I can say is that it was amazing; some of the tech they is just mind boggling. They had this giant flywheel powering the generators for the traction motors. When they launch that thing they are drawing a freaking ton of current. I think they said that if they turned off the flywheel it would take around a month to stop. don't quote me on that because I don't remember exactly
  • Amy
    Actually, the "hidden x-rated messages" are all mis-interpretations. I was an animation major in college, and one of my professors worked as a disney animator for 11 years, and was an animator on the Lion King. Jasmin TCM, you were close. It's not SEC that the letters spell, it was SFX (Special Effects) since there were a lot of visual effects used in that movie.

    People see what they choose to see, though.
  • sam
  • JasminTCM
    The Disney secrets are great but I found one urban legend being passed off as a secret on this site.

    The word "SEX" does not actually appear in the dust in the movie "The Lion King." The word is actually "SEC" which is the graphics company that created those affects. People saw "S..E..something" and just ran with it.

    Sorry to disappoint.
  • Fifi
    You can see the officiant's penis during the almost-wedding ceremony between Ursula and Eric in the original Little Mermaid. I never noticed it when I was younger, and that's probably a good thing!
  • philip
    I was fortunate enough to be at the grand opening of Disney World in Kissimmee not Orlando....same place just closer to Kissimme than Orlando..... I witnessed the underground tunnel when a visitor got sick at the castle entrance and the paramedics came up out of the ground and took her away!!
  • Lucy
    Sorry to dispute the admin, but I know someone who turned up to Disney 'under the influence' and shall we say, caused a bit of a ruckus. They got taken down into the tunnels by security for questioning where they said they saw Mickey Mouse driving around in a golf cart type thing. So yes, you can get down there; but not without a police warning!
  • Feras from KSA
    Great post! Very interesting stuff that I have never knew before. I've always thought about #2 and how they did it, and about #6, and the honesty of it.

    Claus, you don't have to take the title so literal. My hearts not broken because of the tunnels. These can be great and interesting conversation pieces.
  • walterelias
    Claus is a Disney family member. If you you did research, you'd know that his MAIN interest is protecting the integrity of the FAMILY.
  • Creatrix
    Sci-fi writer Spider Robinson's novel "The Free Lunch" takes place in the underground tunnels of a theme park modeled completely on Disneyworld.
  • Terry Wagar
  • Mariah
    if its boring, why would you read it dumbass. I thought it was amazing
  • Johnny P
    How could I know whether it was boring before reading it?
  • Hizzoner
    This post is a waste of time. This information is common knowledge - there are no secrets here. If you didn't already know about this, you are simply ignorant.
  • tinkrox
    i agree. nothing surprised me at all
  • Pandora
    Hey OP,
    Great post! What was it you did when you worked there?
    Oh, and Claus, don't be a smartass. Everyone but yourself is really interested in this post. If you're not interested, then don't whine about it!

    Seriously, I don't get why people do that.
  • admin
    @chan no, only cast members are allowed in the tunnels.

    @Nancy I had never heard of it before Disney. That was always a topic that seemed to get a lot of buzz in the parks. Never really understood why it came up so often, but I must have heard about it once a month.

    @Ali I worked at Walt Disney World, in Orlando, so I'm not as familiar with Disneyland. Sounds like a cool place though. No such place in the Magic Kingdom. Epcot is the only place that serves liquor in the Orlando parks. They serve it in World Showcase, which is in the rear of the park. Tons of people "Drink around the world" meaning they buy a beer from each company until they have made it all the way around the showcase. I think there are 13 contries, so you get pretty trashed by the end of it.

    @Toylady very cool

    @Ashley Glad you liked it. I don't claim to be an expert....just throwing out a few of the things I learned that many people don't know about.

    @Dale Are you talking about Club 33?

    @Alice feel about the same. lol Just didn't know how to preface the list.

    @someone thanks!

    @Atul Which part? Some of the items on the list are considered "False" on places like, but I can assure you, as far as I can tell, these are real. The penis in the little mermaid is usually considered a coincidence, but it's hard to agree with that when they changed the cover after it was discovered, and now there's no castle on it.

    @Claus Didn't really have a plan for this post. I live in Orlando, and meet tons of people (usually tourists) that are curious about Disney. When you talk to them about any of the things on the list, they usually get very interested, so I thought it might transfer well to a post. Not for everybody, I guess. And no, this site is geared towards children. It's a site of lists.....that's it. We're just geared towards people that enjoy lists.
  • TheGreatBDB
    In Orlando, the Magic Kingdom is the only park you CAN'T get alcohol in. In Disney's Hollywood Studios, there's a bar in the 50's Prime Time Cafe and in Animal Kingdom, there's the Dawa Bar in Africa.
  • Claus
    I don't get what you wanted to do with this article, you come up with some facts about the Magic Kingdom as you call it, but to call them secrets and to make such a big deal of it is ridicule in my mind...You have to be a child to be sad about these things and if your crowd is children i would like some censorship.

    Best regards Claus
  • Atul
    Somehow don feel its true
  • angela
    everything on this list is true. i am a cast member at magic kingdom. i operate buzz lightyear's space ranger spin, carosuel of progress and monsters inc laugh floor. everything is true.
  • someone
    Wow - very interesting!
    I've never been there, so didn't know any of these things, great post!
  • alice snow
    feel better now? so what
  • Dale Joggins
    There's an employee bar on the premises as well. It's the only place you can get a drink!
  • ND
    "Employee" bar is actually not in Disneyland- it's the Lost Bar (which is open to the public) in the Grand Californian Hotel. and California Adventure does serve liquor.
  • Ashley
    Excellent post! I didn't know a few of these things, but I've always been kind of a Disney fanatic.
  • Dr.King
    Hey there TOYLADY,
    I was a member of Club 33 but soon moved on to be a GP! It was great fun with the lads inside club 33 but i am far to intellegent to be working there! I work in my own practice in Kirby,
  • Mr Matt
    far TOO intelligent? haha ladies...
  • trollz
    Like your cherish your capslock key?
  • Annaleese
    Along with Club 33 being the only place in Disneyland that serves liquor, it is the only place in Disneyland where you can find 2 ply toilet paper! - If you are a member of Club 33 you get a free entry pass for you and the guest when you visit, but I have heard you are required to buy a meal at Club 33 for that to be possible...
  • Cheryl
    I had a mojito which has alcohol in it at the Blue Bayou restaurant.
  • Ali
    Club 33! The exclusive club in New Orleans Square at address 33. Originally built for Walt Disney and his friends, it is the only place in the park that serves alcohol.
  • Nancy
    The whole "no one has ever died in the park" thing is actually fairly common. I life guarded at Water Country for a summer and the same rule applies there, it really isn't as insidious as it seems it has to do more with that EMT's can't pronounce someone
  • chan
    awesome post
    one of my dreams was to work at disney, as one of the characters or control the roller coaster
    the tunnel thing is really cool, i can definitely see it as really convenient

    any way normal guests can get into the tunnels?
  • disneyfreak
    My brother works at Disney World, and guests can get into some tunnels from a special tour. I think it's really expensive, though.
  • Cindy Girl
    Guests are technically not allowed down there, but if you go through pretty much any cast member only door, just follow the stairs down, and your under ground! you might get caught if seen by a manager but knowone else really cares. and its smells down there!
  • ND
    this is a commonly misunderstood "secret." First- it's not really a secret. If you watch the History Channels' "Modern Marvels: Disney World" you can see all about these "Secret" tunnels (that, btw, only exist at Walt Disney World, not at disneyland). Second- They aren't underground. The access tunnels were actually built at ground level and the resort is built on the second level. This is because the water table below ground is so low, anything built "under gound" would be flooded.
  • Annaleese
    Actually, they are in Disneyland as well, they are just not as large as the ones that are in Disneyworld.
  • Name
    Disney calls them "utilidors," as a guest you can take the Keys to the Kingdom tour and check them out (which I highly recommend). You get to see the parade floats, behind the scenes on rides, etc
  • Boots
    I've seen Dark Secret #6 mentioned many times on various urban legend type sites and on the better ones the basic facts are confirmed but with a caveat: It is indeed true that no-one "dies" at Disney Land, but the same thing is true at any Six Flags, Canada's Wonderland or other public venue. In most places, a person doesn't officially die until pronounced dead by an actual doctor. If a person drops dead of a heart attack or something in a public place the EMS/paramedics take him to the local hospital and the E.R. doctor attempts to revive him. Only after that has failed is he pronounced legally dead.
  • Songbird7692
    this is actually not true. I work at an ex-Six Flags park (the park had changed hands about five times since it was built and it was once a Six Flags) and last season, a man died of a heart attack coupled with a blown AAA (basically there was a bubble on his aorta and it exploded). This is a true story because I was the first responder at the scene.
  • Seven
    Dude we not talkin about Six Flags. Disney and Six Flags is two diff parks..duhh slow ppl these dayz
  • Twister
    Actually, it is 100% true. I am a paramedic and I have pronounced patients dead on scene plenty of times. It is in our medical protocols that if a patient has the 3 presumptive signs of death, and 1 conclusive sign of death, we pronounce them on scene without calling an MD for orders. So, if a patient were to suffer a serious injury at a disney park and he had injuries incompatible with life, he would be pronounced. CPR wouldnt even have to be started.
  • Faye
    Unless Florida law has changed in the past 10 years, only an MD can pronounced death after personally observing -- not through a medic.
  • womp
    BS: Ever heard of "Pronounced Dead At The Scene" any EMT can do this
  • z3r0
    An EMT can NOT legally do this, even if the person is dead the EMT has to preform cpr until they arrive at the hospital unless the doctor on call in the hospital says otherwise.
    Now a Paramedic w/ a State Trooper can pronounced on scene, but cpr would still be preformed.
  • EMT Basic
    Whether or not an EMT can pronounce dead depends on the state and medical director of the service they work with. I can pronounce, and I am just a EMT basic.
  • shelly
  • Liquidfox92
    A decapitation is not considered an injury, it's considered a body. though if you remove the body and head from the scene, the brain and heart still function for a few minutes allowing you to say they didn't die at the scene.
  • enigma951
    Different jurisidctions have different requirements/rules. For instance, a Paramedic can declare a death in Riverside County, CA but can NOT do it in San Bernardino County, CA.
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