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10 WTF Sites That Will Warp Your Mind

Posted on 14 July 2008 by admin

I can't even begin to explain these sites. They are a little trippy, loaded with Flash, and a whole lot WTF. I feel these sites are hanging out on the outer-most sections of the internet universe, and I've done my best to pull them all together for you. You may never look at websites the same again.

#1 Treasure Box


I'm still trying to figure this one out. I guess it's a game. I have only been able to do four moves before it starts me over. Very odd, but a little fun.

#2 Superbad

contour from 10100 to 10625 by 25

Almost like a choose your own adventure book. Just find a place to click.

#3 Sugar Free Ink

Sugar Free Ink

A little heavy on load times, this black-and-white site is confusing, but keeps you occupied with its random assortment of zaniness.



This one starts off seemingly innocent, but once you've clicked start, you'll see why it's on the list. Like the sites above, just look for a place to click.

#5 Samorost 1

Samorost 1

Odds are, you've seen this one before. I remember finding this site about a year ago, but it fits well on this list.

#6 Neave ...the interactive playground of Paul Neave

This one looks like any standard flash-based site, but as soon as you start clicking, you'll realize you're wrapped up in the mind of Paul Neave - an interesting, scary place.


Even the name is odd. This site has tons of random items to explore.

#8 Zoomquilt 2

zoomquilt2.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

I think I've seen another version of this, but this one seemed better. It's like going into a picture, but never stopping. I have no idea how they do this, but it's incredible.

#9 Boohbah Zone

Boohbah Zone

Like the Teletubbies on acid. This is a very uncomfortable site.

#10 Medijate


This site is supposed to promote meditation, but its creepy music, frightening graphics, and odd mouse-following behavior will do anything BUT leave you feeling relaxed. The music is repetitive and annoying, but the visuals will keep you busy.

Know of any other sites that belong on this list? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Crazyrussian171
    haha i stumbled onto medijate i wuz like WTF IS GOIN ON!
  • Dayang
  • Free bingo
    Ja ja Boohbah Zone is so weird but also it's so funny!
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  • Eoghain
    Ah, nice. How about these?
  • ladymia69
    Oh try it out.
  • myt
    The answer is easy ... these are all for stoners.
  • SSOClinic
    Agreed. They look "lol"..
  • Kitchen Pans
    I was scared when I started. Now I'm not sure where my "I'm scared" boundaries begin, and "life here on earth" take over.

    Just kidding.
  • kev
    hey, you're right, those websites ARE wtf.
  • lida
    I would write good blog tracking rssden your site.
  • tag heuer watches
    you're right dear friend
  • michaelday
  • name124135
  • Stormie
    99 rooms is pretty awesome :)
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    keep up the good work
  • Circle Tech
    WTF.. it's really awesome, the "Treasure Box" was pretty neat.. :D
  • Diet Blog
    W T F!!! That's what I was thinking for ALL of these sites. Amazing list. It delivers exactly what the title promises. I feel like I've lost some of my sanity by going to these, especially Zoomquilt 2.
  • Turkey Travel
    Yes, an interesting collection of zany sites... Thanks for sharing.
  • Forex Robot Reviews
    Wow, I felt like I was hallucinating with some of those!
  • Original London Tour
    Definately a post to spend more time on when its a friday afternoon... book marked thanks!
  • HotelBooker
    these sites are really WTF :)
  • balls

    Welcome to ZomboCom...

  • Bill
    Here's a trippy one:
  • SEO
    Good collection but not that much to called appreciative...!!!!
  • J
    The Treasure Box link is no longer operational.
  • Quirky
    Congrats on finding the worst sites on the web!
  • Back Pain
    I think you've said it all. These are really WTF sites. What were they thinking of.
  • Singapore Hotel
    WTF, I've just wasted 5 minutes of my time viewing WTF sites.
  • Parallel Import Cars
    These sites look like they were designed by Extra Terrestrials.
  • mmmmpie
    Ha beat treasure box wasnt very hard
  • Steph
    The boohbahs have always frightened entire site of them? yikes.
  • Jalanio is a crazy piece of work. Check it out
  • Pytch
  • Suzie
    i just did the first one about the treasure. it took a little time but all you gotta do is click things and u eventually get it.
  • stephen
    Can I suggest that you have the sites open in a new tab/window???
  • iunonis
    your #1 weird site is kinda fun. try doing multiple things at once and if something doesnt work, click on something else that it needs to be going to work. its actually a really simple game. the treasure is kinda corny though.
  • Ricky
    Treasure box was a blast. Great artwork and a cool game as a driving force to enjoy nice drawings.

  • Brittany
    That Treasure Box was awesome, beat it, if anyone needs help:
    The first note on the piano is 5 and the just count up and down notes from there, I'd say that is the hardest part
  • lilacdolphin666
    I managed to do treasure box. There is no treasure! :D Fun though.
  • MC
    go to
  • michael
    you gotta try;

    tim burton nightmare in an LA gang tattoist patternbook

    confusing 'till you figure out what you have to do to go forward in the game

    you'll really like
  • Bob-IT
    I finished the first game.

    It was fun. You find the treasure box empty. D:
  • thoraxeimpales
    i finished it and didnt find it too hard. it was very interesting and quite fun. would have like it better if it was longer although it must have taken real long to make it.
  • Erica
    I actually took the time to get all the way through the first one... My brain has definately been warped..
  • Johnny
    11. Fly Guy
  • chookah
    haha treasure box was cool. contents definitely made a point
  • theredgiant
    Some more
  • jethro
    That medijate site is made by one of my favorite artists, larry carlson. check out

    he has some web mazes that are pretty mind warping
  • RionaaM
    What a great post! Some sites are really trippy indeed!
    In fact, you inspired me to make my own list. I've posted 2 weird sites on my blog. Here they are (from the articles in my blog):
  • Rahji
    Boohbah Zone scares me. DX
  • lynn
    the 9th one is an kids doll that is sold in canada
  • Reptile Pets
    This was really cool. I enjoyed the treasure box and the space planet one. Spin had way to much spinning, guess I should of expected that though haha. These are great sites though and def. deserves the thumbs up!
    Reptile Pets
  • littlemissAbril
    I've visit the first one you mencioned, treasure box, i dont understand why u havent finish it.. its pretty simple to do... but try it, i mean is a cheesy but super nice surprise at the end...
    i'll try the other ones you mencioned here..
  • Gerri
    cool page, thanks
  • Asaf
    Try this:
  • Amanda
    i played the treasure box game all the way through if you try it again it should work.
  • Hamish
    Treasure box is cool - reminds me of Terry Gilliam's animations on Monty Python. Thanks for the recommendation.
  • Tyler
    The Treasure Box is by far my favorite. Very nicely done. I did complete it as well.
  • Old Wolf
    Well, I beat the treasure box, it was an interesting WTF for sure.
  • idaho
  • immad
    ur stupid. ur links are stupid, the box is empty, it was a waste of ten mins of my fucking life go kill urself the end
  • Liam Williams
    lol I compleated the trusure box on my second try...Me & my nephew were racing on it...I won.

    Thank for that one.
  • Darthmo
    You forgot to include !!
  • rw
    thanks for keeping me entertained at work for the last 5 hours
  • ?
    what do you do when you an the helicopter bike in treasure box?
  • scooter
    check out
  • Funnyguts
    No ?
  • MirrorMan
    that guy is just plain insane....
  • fanta
    how bout i dont understand and probably never will :/
  • zanga
    the tresure box, the first site is a game that i finished, te treasure box is empty but the designes congrats u for the curiosity of following the game.
  • Rajtilak Bhattacharjee
    Finished #5
  • Rajtilak Bhattacharjee
    Figured out the Treasure box. Complete!
  • Margaret Ensor
    There were no places to click on any of them. Do they work on a Mac? Sorry....
  • mallory
    i beat treasure box
    it was fun!
  • Max
    The same person who makes "medijate" has another website called SUPREME OM that's way more disturbing.
  • Gangrell
    As for the treasure box;
    Click on the "hill". Click on the pole holding the ball. click on the framed portrait. Click on the hole under water man. Click on portrait next to wheel.Click on mouse hole to move screen down.Click and spin wheel on the left tell train moves. Click on mouse hole. Click on left window.Click on right window.Keys as numbered right to left from 1 to 16. 5, 8, 12, 5, 2, 4. Wait. I had to right click and tell flash to play. Ball shoots up. Use copter bike to move ball to top of screen.Click on head. Fin
  • jess as well
  • shaun76
    Link doesn't work. Looks like a parked site.
  • The Deazy
    The first one is actually really entertaining and cool. Dont give up it is easy and fun.
  • heir4c
    Hallo, I am from Belgium, Dutch speaking, my englisch is not so good, but I hoop you understand my.
    I played the game till the end. I telling nothing about the end. :-) but I like it.

  • GreatOwl
    I only tried the first one. "Treasure Box" I was able to find my way through to the end. Thanks for the challenges. I will have to come back and attempt some of the others as I have time.
  • Dragonfly
    i always enjoy finding new, interesting and even crazy sites to check out. Thanks for posting these links. peace~Dragonfly
  • keaven
    I finished #1 on my first try.. in about 10 minutes. That was very WTF, but kind of fun :) Thanks for sharing!
  • astaswastika
    This is cool, i like your page
  • Jon
    The first link was easy.
  • Ben
    One that has unfortunately changed to be completely private was Now THAT was a real head trip!
  • wetdirtmud
    what about:

  • lala
    i loved this!!!! cant wait to check these out when im high --i'll probably never get off the comp =)
  • seraphrevan
    Awesome list. Beat that Treasure Chest thing on my second try.
  • opc
    the 9th ones from a film, spy kids :)
  • Lanna
    NO! It's a TV show for kids!
  • Someone Here

    What about that one?

    Very strange site
  • Anon

  • The treasure box is empty. The greatest treasure is your curiosity. I just beat it. Took me like five min.
  • Jason
    Dont forget

    It is a list of zany games, animations, and... god knows whats.
  • Ryan

    Seems to fit the theme and is a lot of fun.
  • Kat
    Very cool stuff! Thanks.

    I'm just glad I didn't stumble onto this while stoned =P
  • Stoy
  • JardinPrayer
    LOL! I love for years.
  • Lanna
    What the hell?!
    That's not a site.. it's an annoyance!!
  • Iggy
    the first one treasure box...that was pretty neat. I made it all the way to the end in about 6 minutes or so. Not too difficult but a very nice and different idea.
  • purpleravenmyst
    Peace On Earth Was All It Said-LOL
    the treasure box was interesting
  • KM
    Number 8 has some very cool artwork. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to do all that.
  • John Wesley Mason-Smith
    haha you left off 4chan
  • Vlad
    Please to be adding
  • lala
    sweet i beat treasure box
  • shaun76
    ha ha. I did that today too. Was a little disappointed at the contents of the box, but won't spoil it here.
  • logicSEM
    Nice, shows there are no boundaries to creativity, even on the web.
    Like your video comment option btw
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