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The 25 Biggest Rock Wusses of All Time

Posted on 09 December 2008 by admin

When you think of musicians, you usually think of the glam, parties, drunken brawls, and all the other fun stuff we hear about, but not all rockers live this impressive life. The 25 musicians are so awesomely whimpy, the had to be in a list.

25. Robert Smith

Beginning with the Cure's first B-side, "10.15 Saturday Night," which finds its narrator sitting home crying, waiting for a girl to call, Smith has made a fetish out of romantic disappointment and pioneered a vocal style in which he sounds on the verge of breaking into heaving sobs at any moment. His tent-like black sweaters, smeared lipstick and messy bird's nest of dark hair have become the uniform of choice for generations of histrionic white kids convinced the world doesn't understand their pain.

Wussiest Moment

"The Lovecats," the Cure's fluffball 1983 hit, which features Smith literally meowing over a tune best suited for preschoolers.

24. Donovan

If a unicorn could sing songs, it would sound like Donovan. His curly mop, Scottish accent and fanciful songs, inevitably full of cutesy rhymes and childesh doggerel, so enraptured stoned hippies that in 1967 he compared his power to that of Hitler. The moony, mystical minstrel routinely performed in a white robe surrounded by flowers and incence, and even declared he'd "come to lead" a change in America, one that would initiate "the beginning of a soft, quiet time." Yes, cloying ditties like "Mellow Yellow," "Jennifer Juniper" and "Clara Clairvoyant" were certainly quiet. But quietly annoying.

Wussiest Moment

Sang backing vocals on the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine," proving that wussiness is contagious.

23. Everyone in 'N Sync (except Justin)

Just as surrounding yourself with fat people makes you look thin, J-Tim's cool-guy status reflects how uncool his boy-bandmates were. Lance Bass achieves cosmonaut accredidation but can't find anyone to launch him into space; Joey Fatone sings show tunes; Chris Kirkpatrick fronts a presumably Spinal Tap-inspired "rock" outfit called Nigels II; and JC Chasez records "I'm Not Sleeping Alone," in which he doth protest too much.

Wussiest Moment

In "Without Me," Eminem says Kirkpatrick get his ass kicked "Worse than them little limp bizkit bastards." No one argues.

22. Natalie Merchant

There's nothing wrong with do-gooders; after all, they, uh, do good. So we don't dislike the former 10,000 Maniacs singer for playing lots of benefits, or for posting gardening links and haikus on her website. But Merchant is like that goody-goody in the ninth grade who always reminded the teacher if she forgot to assign homework. It's wrong for a parent to hit a child, but the main point of her song on that topic, "What's the Matter here?," seems to be the illustration of Merchant's own moral superiority to an angry parent. Plus, she declaims her own decorous folk-rock songs as if she's reading Shakespeare on the stage of the goddamn Globe Theater.

Wussiest Moment

Did we mention the haikus on her website?

21. Pat Boone

In 1955, Fats Domino, a black piano wizard from New Orleans, cut "Ain't That a Shame," a bouncy R&B he'd written. Pat Boone, a clean-cut preppie crooner, rerecorded it, only without the soul, and released it the same year, selling far more copies. Thus was born a career in Caucasian dilution: Just as rock was turning dirty, Boone whitewashed raucous songs by Little Richard and others, selling sterile versions of black music and blooming into the decade's second-biggest pop singer, behind Elvis Presley. In his later years, Boone became an apologist for President Bush's war in Iraq.

Wussiest Moment

Fathered Debby Boone, whose appalling 1977 smash, "You Light up my Life," is the worst song in the history of the world.

20. Garth Brooks

Where earlier generations of country stars loved Cadillacs and whiskey, Brooks adored James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg, and even cried onstage while performing his sentimental ballads. He ushered in a generation of neutered country dudes, and sold more records than anyone but the Beatles, by embodying a cultural turn towards I-need-some-Kleenex confessions.

Wussiest Moment

In a Barbara Walters TV interview, she asked about his children, and his eyes filled with tears.

19. Bread

As the Me Decade dawned, Bread helpfully unsaddled the 1960s' groovy free-love ideals from any downer political agenda that could potentially ruin the mood. In doing so, mellow, mushy tunes like "Make it With You" and "Baby I'm-a Want You" created the oxymoronically named "soft rock" template from which a thousand Starland Vocal Bands would soon bloom.

Wussiest Moment

In a catalogue filled with drippy odes to being hopelessly whipped, "It Don't Matter to Me" deserves special mention for blithely accepting a lover banging other guys.

18. Common

Being a sensitive backpacker MC is one thing. But when you're a teetotaling, incense-burning, crocheted-scarf-wearing vegetarian whose real name is Lonnie Lynn ... well, let's just say street cred isn't an issue. Call him the hip-hop Stuart Smalley: "I just wanna be happy with being me," Kanye's boho homey once rapped. Awww...

Wussiest Moment

Shortened his name from Common Sense in 1995 after being sued by a ska band with the same name. A SKA BAND!

17. Metallica

The haircuts were lame and the anti-Napster crusade lamer, but neither prepared fans for the soppy bitchfest that was Some Kind of Monster: The once-throttling metalheads dropped $40k a month on a touchy-feely life coach in a Cosby sweater who played master to Metallica's puppets. Lars and James bicker and weep throughout, but neither has the decency to just go ahead and slug the other.

Wussiest Moment

Lars' ego is crushed by his gnomish father who, upon hearing a new song, sagely advises, "I would delete that."

16. Paul McCartney

After the Beatles imploded, George went Eastern mystic, John became an art-damaged revolutionary, Ringo moved to L.A. and hoovered half of Columbia with Keith Moon, and Paul ... wrote "Maybe I'm Amazed" and "Silly Love Songs" while insisting crew members go vegan. Only rock star ever to win Order of Merit of Chile for "services to music, peace and human understanding."

Wussiest Moment

After decades as a dedicated pot smoker, Macca quits in 2002 at the insistence of high-on-life new bride Heather Mills. His kowtowing is rewarded four years later with a half-billion-dollar divorce suit.

15. Christopher Cross

After selling more than four million copies of his 1979 self-titled debut, crafting the first-ballot Wussy Hall of Fame ballad "Sailing" and sweeping the Grammys in every major category, this doughty, falsetto-voiced Texan guarantees sophomore slumpage by appearing on the back cover of his 1983 follow-up wearing a pink suit. Two decades later, Seth MacFarlane names pudgy, hopelessly awkward son of Family Guy Christopher Cross Griffin.

Wussiest Moment

"Think of Laura" becomes the unofficial love theme to General Hospital in 1983.

14. Cat Stevens

After scoring his first hit with a song called "I Love My Dog," Stevens spent the next whining about the sex-symbol status conferred upon him by his brooding good looks and uber-sensitive folk-pop. Maudlin, self-righteous tunes like "Moonshadow" and "Father and Son" answer problems both personal and political with a smug, don't-worry-be-happy shrug, as if Cat were willing to wallow in his misery but not do anything about it.

Wussiest Moment

He had his girlfriend, actress Patti D'Arbanville, snatched away by Mick Jagger, then wrote a song, "Lady D'Arbanville," about his undying love for her. She didn't come back.

13. Belle and Sebastian

Inspiring slavish devotion from cardigan-clad legions of poetry majors, this Scottish chamber-pop collective are like the Smiths but without all the macho posturing. Named after a French kiddie show, the painfully shy band refused to appear in publicity photos for years, instead using a picture of an anonymous girl.

Wussiest Moment

Hypersensitive bandleader Stuart Murdoch tells biographer Paul Whitelaw, "Great words almost always reduce me to tears. It's a relief to know that beauty can exist."

12. Graham Nash

Even famous semi-wuss George harrison called the neat-combed Nash's music "soulless." As leader of the Hollies, a squeaky rendition of the Beatles, he incited the hatred of his peers: Screaming Lord Sutch crowned them "diabolical." He then joined David Crosby and Stephen Stills in a grandiose supergroup and turned hipie ideals into the Mommy & Me melody of "Our House" and the chicken-soup platitudes of "Teach Your Children." Smug and sanctimonious, Nash is the Ned Flanders of rock & roll, mustache included.

Wussiest Moment

The 53 consecutive "la-la-la's" he trills half-way through "Our House."

11. Barry Manilow

His debut album opened with a cutesy recording of the infant Manilow singing along with his grandpa. Remarkably, Manilow's oeuvre got progressively less rocking from then on. His subsequent albums offer a torrential outpouring of gloopy ballads so sugary and unbearable that councillors in the Sydney subarb of Rockdale recently announced plans to play through outdoor speakers in order to disperse gangs of anti-social teenagers from their streets.

Wussiest Moment

"Her name was Lola/She was a showgirl..."

10. Hilary Duff

Duff was tween-pop's Breck Girl -a sex - and drug-free sprite best summed up by the name of her next movie character: Sunshine Goodness. Then when the whole Disney thing got old, she remade herself as a punk by donning black nail varnish and dating one of the Good Charlotte twins. Nancy Spungen she ain't.

Wussiest Moment

In 2004, smack in the middle of a nasty catfight with Lindsay Lohan, Duff told Blender, "I just want us to be friends."

9. Chris Martin

It's not his posh background. It's not that he went to college. It's not that he played field hockey there. It's not his teetotalling or the fact he was a virgin until 22. (Okay, it's a little of that.) What really makes Chris Martin so drippy are those needy, apologetic tunes: He begs, he pleads, he crumbles, he crawls, he's lost, he's scared, he's sorry and he misses you. Plus: He plays a girl's instrument.

Wussiest Moment

Being derided as "a bit wimpy" by noted ruffian Charlotte Church.

8. Babyface

Ever since his late-'80s ascendance, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds has sought to take the bump and grind out of R&B and replace it with gentle, easy-listening melodies and Dr. Phil-worthy affirmations. The Barry Manilow-loving songwriter-producer-performer writes about love with the soft-focus banality of a guy born to pen Hallmark cards and sings as if he's trying not to wake his grandma in the next room.

Wussiest Moment

Writing an album's worth of tunes about the struggles of being a love-starved middle-aged woman for the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack.

7. Rascal Flatts

With their boy-band looks and lyrics saccarine enough to induce comas even in non-diabetics, this chart-busting country trio exemplify New Nashville at its most heavy-handed and least roughneck. "Anything that can be played at a wedding is probably going to be a hit," justifies awesomely monikered lead singer Gary LeVox.

Wussiest Moment

Their 2004 single "Skin," the video for which features Cirque du Soleil, is about a cancer patient named Sarabeth who fears her chemotherapy-related hair loss will keep her from dancing at the prom. It does not.

6. Kenny G

As the leading perpetrator of the crime against humanity commonly known as "smooth jazz," this pube-headed soprano saxophonist/walking punchline may be the very poster boy of wussiness. Despite sagely preparing himself to spend a lifetime in nerdery by graduating with an accounting degree, this Albert Einstein of the bland instead chose to pursue music - and has since sold more than 45 million albums of dentist-friendly instrumental pop. Loathed even by other smooth-jazzbos such as purist Pat Metheny, his cover of "My Heart Will Go On" makes Celine Dion sound like Courtney Love.

Wussiest Moment

The David Blaine of elevator music, G-Unit made the Guinness Book of World Records for holding an e-flat note for an agonizing 45+ minutes.

5. Peter Cetera

It's not as though Chicago were exactly hardcore thugs before he became their focal point, but under Cetera's dictatorship they purged their jazzier impulses to concentrate full-bore on self-pitying schmaltz like "If You Leave Me Know" and "Hard to Say I'm Sorry." That was merely a warm-up for a solo career so flaccid that on his Amy Grant duet, "The Next Time I Fall," the milquetoast Christian pop balladeer sounds tough by comparison.

Wussiest Moment

His unconvincing stab at chivalry, "Glory of Love," actually felt too mawkish for The Karate Kid Part II

4. Boyz II Men

Never mind the quasi-thuggish "z" in their name - these Philly melismaniacs are about as gangsta as crying in your pillow. Four early-'90s R&B heartthrobs with an image more wholesome than fortified milk, they crooned their way to more than 25 million in sales and set the stage for all the boy bands who followed.

Wussiest Moment

The please-forgive-me-baby No.1 smash "On Bended Knee," which singlehandedly set men back at least 10 years.

3. Dan Fogelberg

Through the '70s and early '80s, the weedy-voiced Fogelberg was the bard of choice for doe-eyed, turtlenecked white guys who were convinced that showing their sensitive side and/or growing a beard would increase their chances of getting laid. And while his sentimental tunes consistently sounded like Poco outtakes, he insisted he was more influenced by classical composers like Tchaikovsky.

Wussiest Moment

His tribute to his "papa," "Leader of the Band."

2. Nich Lachey

Granted, if we'd been dumped by Jessica Simpson, we'd probably be pretty bummed, too. But Lachey's D-I-V-O-R-C-E album wallows in so much misery and self-pity it makes Morrissey sound like the Pussycat Dolls. "There's only so many tears that you can cry," the ex-Newlywed sobs on one track. Let's hope he's right - for everyone's sake.

Wussiest Moment

The whimpering piano ballad "What's Left of Me." Apparently, it's not his manhood.

1. James Taylor

Like pro wrestlers, some musicians have cool nicknames: Jerry Lee Lewis is "The Killer" and Jerry Butler was "The Iceman." But James Taylor calls himself "Sweet Baby James." And we know what babies do, right? They cry all the goddamn time. Setting morbid boo-hoo-hooing tales of suicidal friends ("Fire and Rain") and visits to a mental institution ("Knockin' Round the Zoo") to lullaby melodies and soft-rocking acoustic guitar in a series of hits starting in 1970, this lanky, genial North Carolinian perfected what Elvis Costello once called "the 'Fuck me, I'm sensitive' school" of music. In the soft, caring, unraffled voice of a marriage counselor, he initiated an era of confessional, listen-to-my-troubles singer-songwriters and turned excessive self-examination into a hallmark of the baby-book generation.

Wussiest Moment

His cover of "Summertime Blues," in which he takes on Eddie Cochran's yawp of frustration as if he wants to be the white Bill Cosby.

Honorable Mentions

  • Prince
  • Boy George
  • George Michael

So have missed anyone? Tell me who else you feel belongs on this list in the comments.

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  • Joel Jackson
    I liked Hilary Duff when she was Lizzie McGuire. She already had a great smile to begin with. She had to visit a cosmetic dentistry specialist for veneers. Well, I don't have any problem with that. I'm just saying that I miss the old look. My folks at Chicago were faithful watchers of Lizzie McGuire. =D
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    Ohh I really love THE BREAD's their songs are very inspiring..and Kenny G. their all great..nice list.
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  • Nameless
    Your opinions themselves are the mark of a real Wussy!
    Or simply translated for you as you apparently lack the ear to understand the nuance of these artists - Go Fuck Yourself!
  • loan modification
    Great music....rock on!
  • loan modification
    These musicians rock.
  • timada
    Very good list, I find the wimpiest rock star moments are when they try to quit drinking and attend an Alcohol Rehab center, but it never works lol . They always fall back into old habits. Just something about rock music and beer that go hand in hand I guess.
  • Yipp
    Garth Brooks looks so arrogant. Rest all are good.
  • club penguine cheats
    Manilow for example has written and recorded with jazz greats, written movie scores and broadway show scores and produced and recorded with well renowned musicians around the world. He is considered a top notch musicians by those in the industry. He may not be a rocker, but he has never claimed to be.
  • Australia Will Kits
    Since the list clearly does not focus on rock stars alone, then why don't you add James Brown in there. With all due respect to his talent, I still can't understand any word that's coming out of his mouth!

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson
  • Relger
    Aussie Will..No kidding! I can shuffle my feet too! Just can't master the arrogant queer look!
  • Alexander
    Well said. I am also suggesting his name.
  • Internet porn addiction
    Great list. However, you lack one particular rock wuss - very famous but a premature ejaculator. I won't name names though, but leave it to you to find out.
  • Polarized Sunglasses
    Wow.. you have really a nice list, I really like different genre..
    I like Metallica in rock.. and also Bread for old music.. And also Boyz II Men..
    And of course Barry Manilow..
    Great post..
  • Drug Treatment Center
    Rock was never my thing but I recognize here a few bands I really loved to hear in the past and I`m sure I will research them again. I loved to hear Boys II Men and Metalica. For instance I really loved that song called Nothing else matters.
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    Thanks for posting this one. I really love rock music! Rock music makes me move!
  • health insurance coverage
    Those singers mentioned really made their way to fame. but as always life is like a rolling wheel sometimes you're at the top sometimes your down. we should be ready on whatever life may offer to us,
  • chastity devices
    They maybe deemed as "wusses", but that wouldn't changed the fact that they made hordes of fans all around the nation. After all, no matter how good we are at what we do, there's always a part of us that will be considered bizarre by other folks.
  • salman22
    This is a TEST Comment
    Salman Khan
    Salman Khan
  • Backpackerresources
    Barry Manilow's songs are timeless. Until now I have collections especially of his big hits.
  • Sex-toys-Dildos
    The situation here as I see it is that you are the coolest person in the universe,Since there's hardly any room on this page for anything besides your ego,
  • sex_toys
    Nice list! Let me share with you 9 Biggest Wusses in Rock Today:
  • usblue
    Cat Stevens worst moment was becoming a wussy Mslim...anti-American pssy
  • pedro
    Fuck Kenny G.

    Oh, and Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmstein.

  • Stagedoor Johnny
    The situation here as I see it is that you are the coolest person in the universe, and who can compete with that? Even though I would agree with many of your choices, others are uninformed, to put it kindly. Since there's hardly any room on this page for anything besides your ego, I'll keep it short. I shudder to think of which artists you consider cool. And if you ever learn anything about songwriting, you may find yourself too embarrassed ever to be seen again. Too bad you can't auto-fellate yourself, but then your hands would still be free to type.
  • Sam
    The problem with your list is that you include a number of people who were never considered 'rock artists'. Chris Cross, Barry Manilow, Donovan, Cat Stevens? Not the same genre and should not be judged with those who are/were. Manilow for example has written and recorded with jazz greats, written movie scores and broadway show scores and produced and recorded with well renowned musicians around the world. He is considered a top notch musicians by those in the industry. He may not be a rocker, but he has never claimed to be. If all you know about an artist is what you heard on pop radio you probably don't have all the facts.
  • Adult Toys
    rockers or musicians. need to clarify this
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